Celebrating World Occupational Therapy Day


“Occupational Therapy is an important, and in some cases, life changing, service for our clients and community,” says Senior Occupational Therapist Bridget Maguire. “It helps people develop or re-engage in activities that some of us take for granted.”  

“We support people to participate in activities that they find meaningful, which everyone deserves in life.” 

Bridget  has been working in occupational therapy for over seven years and has had the opportunity to work in a range of different areas within her profession.  

“One of my favourite aspects of working as an Occupational Therapist is seeing the positive impact we have on children from a young age. My role allows me to assist children to develop skills that they couldn’t previously achieve; such as riding a bike, improving their engagement in the community and increasing their independence with self-care tasks — which has a positive impact on both the child and their family members.”  

Occupational Therapy has many positive impacts for clients that allow them to overcome the struggles of everyday life, improving memory and providing assistance to caregivers; enabling them to participate in the activities of everyday life.