Celebrating Our People’s Values Awards

On Tuesday 29 August, we held Our People’s Values Awards in recognition of those who have positively impacted Peninsula Health through their consistent values-aligned behaviours during the past 12 months.

Peninsula Health’s values have become a core foundation for much of the organisation, unifying us as One Peninsula Health.

Be the Best

Image: Our People’s Values Award for ‘Be the Best’ from left to right, Rebecca Pang, Diversional Therapy Team, Shona Callum.
Be the Best – TeamDiversional Therapy Team
Be the Best – IndividualRebecca Pang
Be the Best – IndividualShona Callum

Be a Role Model

Image: Our People’s Values Award for ‘Be a role model’ winners from left to right, Sue Gilbert, Learning Hub team, Breda Deering.
Be a Role Model – TeamLearning Hub
Be a Role Model – IndividualSue Gilbert
Be a Role Model – IndividualBreda Deering 

Be Open and Honest

Be Open and Honest – TeamSales Team – MePACS
Be Open and Honest – IndividualCarole Thwaites
Be Open and Honest – IndividualDespina Breen

Be Compassionate and Respectful

Image: Our Peoples Values Award winner Sharon Murphy
Be Compassionate and Respectful – TeamMI Health team
Be Compassionate and Respectful – IndividualRosie Latimer
Be Compassionate and Respectful – IndividualSharon Murphy

Be Collaborative

Image: Our People’s Values Award for ‘Be a role model’ winners from left to right, Michelle Daniel, Gillian McPartland and Patient Services Managers
Category Recipient
Be Collaborative – TeamPatient Services Managers – Frankston Site
Be Collaborative – IndividualGillian McPartland
Be Collaborative – IndividualMichelle Daniel