Celebrating 40 years of service – a sneak peek into Selina’s office

Physiotherapist, Selina is a familiar face to staff and patients alike at Peninsula Health.  
Celebrating 40 years of practice at our health service, she is highly regarded for her incredible work ethic, expertise and innovation. 
She is well recognised for her work in Vestibular Rehab and her use of handmade, unique physiotherapy equipment, which she credits her handy husband for constructing under her watchful eye.  
“All the equipment is pretty inexpensive – over the years, I have made things to test, educate and treat patients using these low-tech tools,” says Selina. 
 “I am constantly improvising and thinking of simple gadgets I can create to help me in my work.” 
One of Selina’s most interesting homemade products is the ‘Bucket Test,’ a diagnostic tool that identifies one’s ‘Subjective Visual Vertical,’ which may be distorted during an acute vestibular episode. Made from an unassuming plastic office bin, Selina’s ability to transform such a humble everyday object into a functional piece of physiotherapy equipment reflects her impressive level of dedication to her craft.  
Congratulations, Selina, on reaching a milestone of 40 years at Peninsula Health. We appreciate your hard work and commitment to improving health outcomes for the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula community.