Caring for People Living With Disability

[Image: Sally Bailey]

Carers play an important role in the lives of many people with disability. “My son is a beautiful young man who, regardless of the many challenges he faces, is always able to give me a smile that makes everything better,” says carer Sally Bailey. “He has taught me so much about how he experiences the world and how to be grateful for the small things.” 

Sally is a carer for her 30-year-old son, who acquired a brain injury. She wants to turn her son’s experiences into something positive by raising awareness of the real-life experiences of people with disability that can be improved through advocacy and systematic change.   

“My son has complex disabilities, including a profound intellectual disability, blindness, epilepsy, physical disabilities and he is nonverbal,” Sally explains. “He requires 24-hour care and supervision and is dependent on others for all of his needs.”  

Witnessing her son’s journey over the past 30 years has given Sally the passion to dedicate her career to the social policy and rights of people with disability. Providing valuable input, Sally is part of the Peninsula Health Disability Action Plan working group, who meet regularly to discuss key elements of a co-designed Disability Action Plan.  

“I feel honoured to have been invited to engage in this process and I hope that it will make a positive difference to the lives of people with disability in our community,” says Sally. “A Disability Action Plan should be informed by a strong consultative process that represents the needs of all people with disability. It must proactively set clear and achievable goals that will respond to the range of barriers experienced by people with disability accessing quality healthcare.”  

Sally is also a representative of the Peninsula Health NDIS and Disability Community Advisory Group. Membership of our NDIS and Disability Community Advisory Group includes consumers, carers and key Peninsula Health staff. It enables two-way communication between Peninsula Health and the broader community. 

If you are interested in joining the NDIS and Disability Community Advisory Group, please complete the application form on the Consumer Participation page on our website.