Allied Health Indigenous Traineeship Program

Last month, we were fortunate enough to welcome Yuluwiri and Emily into our Allied Health Children Service’s department through a twelve-month indigenous traineeship opportunity.

This traineeship initially aimed to recruit one allied health trainee into our mix, however, after meeting with both women Louisa Whitwam, our Children Service’s Program Manager, worked hard behind-the-scenes to secure both Yuluwiri and Emily. Not only was this a brilliant outcome for Peninsula Health, but by securing both Yuluwiri and Emily, this allowed them to form a special bond by leaning on one another throughout the process.

“I’m actually from Central West New South Wales, a super, super small place. There’s not much where I live, the closest town is 20km away with no traffic lights, no roundabouts — very, very small. It’s great that there’s someone else in this program with me so we can learn together. I met Aunty Helen this morning, and it’s just so nice that there’s someone else who is aboriginal, it really helps me feel connected, even when I’m away from home”, states Yuluwiri.

Both Yuluwiri and Emily will be with us for twelve months, giving them the opportunity to support and observe; working closely with our children services team. At the completion of their twelve month traineeship, Yuluwiri and Emily will be fully qualified Allied Health assistants.