A young philanthropist with a big heart

Philanthropy is a word we tend to associate with adults, however, evidence suggests that getting children involved in philanthropy has positive effects for the child, their families and the community. It might just be the key to helping your children be happier, smarter and more successful. 

Eight-year-old Zoe is a budding philanthropist, donating to Frankston Hospital in memory of her Nanna, Joyce Fowles, who passed away from cancer last year.   

“She saved up all of her pocket money because she was so grateful for the care Peninsula Health provided her Nanna and wanted to make sure others were looked after too,” says Zoe’s dad, James Fowles.  

“Zoe is a pretty passionate advocate, and really thinks about others, so I wasn’t surprised when she said that she wanted to raise money to donate to Peninsula Health.” 

We hope Zoe’s act of kindness can start discussions and help teach other children what it means to give. Thank you, Zoe.