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Help to make hearts on the Peninsula grow stronger

Cardiovascular disease kills one Australian every 12 minutes and remains the leading cause of death and disability for people on the Mornington Peninsula.

Director of Peninsula Health Heart Service, Dr Philip Carrillo says, “When someone says to you, “you have suffered heart failure” you tend to take notice.”

“This is the very conversation taking place on a daily basis for me and my fellow cardiologists. Some patients will face ongoing issues with their quality of life and life expectancy.”

“However, we can achieve a better outcome for our patients if we can identify heart issues and provide treatment as early as possible.”

The Peninsula Health Heart Service provides a state of the art facility designed to provide world class care for cardiovascular problems for people in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. Treatment uses the latest equipment and models of care and is here to benefit all patients admitted with cardiac disease.

One such patient to have benefited from treatment at Peninsula Health’s Heart Service is Trevor Wharton. Trevor said, “It was early evening, when I felt unwell. It was a crashing feeling, all of a sudden my heart felt cold, and I had a pain in my chest. The pain continued, and I decided to ring for the ambulance and was rushed to hospital.”

“I feel very fortunate to have been treated at my local hospital. They know my medical history and I am closer to family and friends.”

“Without the care I received and subsequent treatment, I hate to think what the outcome would have been.”

With a rapidly aging population we are seeing an increasing level of demand for our services.

Please show your support by making a gift today. Together, we can help more patients like Trevor access lifesaving heart treatment.

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