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“His heart went into a pattern that was incompatible with life …”

Just over a year ago, Alistair, pictured above, suffered such a bad heart attack that his heart stopped beating. In fact, the police were preparing Alistair’s wife Melinda for the very worst outcome.

Can you imagine suffering a cardiac arrest so severe that you lose all memory of almost a full week from your life, only to wake up in a hospital Intensive Care Unit? This terrifying experience isn’t a hypothetical for Alistair. This was exactly what happened to him.

Alistair’s heart stopped beating – stopped circulating blood around his body to his organs. For an hour and a half paramedics worked on his heart, performing CPR and attempting to shock his heart muscles back to life.

It is in these life and death moments that our Heart Service on the Mornington Peninsula can make all the difference. Your donation will help buy an urgently needed ultrasound machine for the very service that saved Alistair’s life.

With an ultrasound machine, patients like Alistair can be assessed straight away to see how well a heart is pumping blood around the body. Doctors can see where the issues are, and immediately come up with a treatment plan to save lives.

Luckily for Alistair, our Heart Service was able to start providing him with specialist care as soon as he arrived at Frankston Hospital.

Alistair’s story sounds particularly bad – but unfortunately, it isn’t too uncommon. Heart disease kills one Australian every 24 minutes.

Alistair’s story is not unique. Our team needs access to the best equipment to continue to treat heart disease. In our own backyard, the Peninsula Health Heart Service treats thousands of patients each year.

An ultrasound machine shows images of the heart valves and muscles so they can see how well the heart it is working. These images will give our team the best picture, literally, to treat heart patients and save lives.

With medical emergencies such as this, we often focus on the sufferer, but as Alistair said ‘they say it was traumatic for me, I say no, but for the rest of the family, yes.’ His wife Melinda had to perform CPR on him for 10 minutes until the paramedics arrived.

Neither Alistair nor his family could have imagined a worse start to 2019. Luckily for Alistair and his family he made a full recovery despite such a horrific event.

Please help the Heart Service for the Mornington Peninsula access the very best equipment and provide the best of care, close to home.

We can’t do this without you.