Pleural Disease Clinic

The Pleural Disease Clinic is held once a month for the evaluation of significantly sized unilateral pleural effusions.


The GP Referral Template located within the Mastercare Referralnet system is the preferred referral tool. 

For faxed referrals: FAX 9125 9846 

Eligibility Criteria

Referrals must be accompanied by a current CT chest scan.

Make a referral

All referrals to this clinic must contain the following information.

Referral: Date of referral, Speciality, Referring practitioner, Provider Number, Referrer’s signature.

Patient Demographic: Full name, Date of birth, Postal address, Contact numbers, Medicare Number, Interpreter required.

Clinical: Reason for referral, Duration of symptoms, Management to date, Past medical history, Current medications, Allergies, Diagnostics as per referral guidelines X-ray results/reports must be within the last 6 months.