Asthma Clinic

The Asthma Clinic is for the management of patients with severe asthma, requiring multiple courses of oral steroids or biological therapies.


The GP Referral Template located within the Mastercare Referralnet system is the preferred referral tool.

For faxed referrals: FAX 9125 9846  

Exclusion Criteria

Mild and Moderate asthma patients will not be seen as they can be managed by their GP.

Make a referral

All referrals to this clinic must contain the following information.

Referral: Date of referral, Speciality, Referring practitioner, Provider Number, Referrer’s signature.

Patient Demographic: Full name, Date of birth, Postal address, Contact numbers, Medicare Number, Interpreter required.

Clinical: Reason for referral, Duration of symptoms, Management to date, Past medical history, Current medications, Allergies, Diagnostics as per referral guidelines X-ray results/reports must be within the last 6 months.