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Primary Care and Population Health Committee

Who is the Primary Care and Population Health Committee?

The Primary Care and Population Health Committee of Peninsula Health(PCPHC) operates to support linkages and strategic relationships between Peninsula Health and Primary Care services in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula local government areas. A key role of the Committee is to provide oversight and direction to The Peninsula Model – a catchment wide partnership framework for the coordination of local health and community services.

The Committee includes representatives of the Primary Care Partnership, Primary Health Network, Community Health, Local Government, Department of Health and Human Services, Consumers and local Primary Care, Aged Care and Community Care Providers.  It meets quarterly to discuss strategic issues and review the work of the Peninsula Model.  

What is the Peninsula Model

The Peninsula Model is a catchment based partnership between health and community service organisations, government representatives and consumers and carers; that work together to address the health needs of the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula communities.  Based on agreed health priorities, the model involves over 40 organisations  collaborating to achieve the following common goals:

  • Improved consumer health journeys
  • Improved long term health of the community
  • Accessible, equitable services that meet local consumer health needs
  • The provision of consumer-centred, coordinated and integrated services

The agreed health priorities are: Aboriginal Health, Ageing, Chronic Disease, Mental Health (including alcohol and other drugs, youth and homelessness) and Vulnerable Children and Families.

The Peninsula Model has eight Alliances, with each Alliance orientated around one of the above health priorities.  Alliances develop and implement shared actions and strategies to address key issues orientated around the health issue.  For example the Ageing Alliance has been working to improve older consumers knowledge of and engagement in advanced care planning (ACP).  Shared strategies that have been implemented by all organizations involved include developing and using one common ACP template, providing consumers with common resources,  embedding ACP into every organisation’s assessment processes for older adults, and working with organizations particularly health services to ensure consumers ACPs are upheld. 

The eight Alliances are:

  • Aboriginal Health
  • Ageing Well
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Children, Youth and Families
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Mental Health
  • Prevention and Better Health

What does the Committee do?

The responsibilities of the Primary Care and Population Health Committee are to:

  1. Create effective links and strategic relationships between Peninsula Health and other local health and community services, so that providers can work together to improve consumers access to services and the coordination of services
  2. Identify, prioritise and review health priorities which affect the populations of Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula
  3. Provide strategic oversight to activities and projects implemented through The Peninsula Model such as the development of shared resources and care pathways
  4. Receive reports from and provide guidance to Peninsula Model Alliances
  5. Share and discuss health policy changes and strategic issues that relate to the provision of health and community services, particularly those that will influence activities undertaken through the Peninsula Model.


Additional information

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Population Health Atlas 2012.pdf (1067kb)

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Department of Health, Victoria , Health Status of Victorians – Victorian population health survey 2010 report and fact sheets


Ruth Azzopardi, 
Acting Director Sub-Acute Services
Peninsula Health  

(03) 59 76 9171