Shared Maternity Care Program

Accreditation - Becoming a GP Shared Maternity Care Affiliate at Peninsula Health


Online applications are currently available.

GP’s wishing to become a Peninsula Health Shared Maternity Care Affiliate should contact for the link, communication and support.

Many of our existing affiliates hold additional qualifications in obstetric care. GPs without these qualifications can still apply to become part of the program. Peninsula Health can provide initial supervision and ongoing educational support to ensure that all affiliates remain up to date on the latest in safely managing pregnancy in general practice.


Reaccreditation - continuing medical education, supervised clinic sessions, cross accreditation facility


Reaccreditation of all Shared Maternity Care Affiliates is a triennial process involving a minimum of one supervised antenatal clinic attendance, at least 10 Category 2 CME points (from activities directly relating to pregnancy care, pre pregnancy care, post natal period and neonatal care over three years) and annual notification of current medical indemnity. Failure to meet these requirements will result in removal from the program.

  • Continuing medical education

Peninsula Health is committed to providing local educational meetings that attract the required CME points. It is recommended that you attend at least one of these per year.

  • Supervised Antenatal Clinic sessions

The purpose of these supervised sessions is to be oriented to how the antenatal clinic and obstetric service is run and provide an educational experience supervised by an obstetrician. You are not expected to see patients unsupervised but are asked to stay at the clinic for at least two hours. This will be an unpaid session.

If you are attending clinics as part of your initial accreditation an attendance document will need to be signed at the clinic on the day of your attendance/s, to confirm you have covered all the learning requirements with the supervising consultant.

If you are already accredited with the Peninsula Health program you are only required to attend once per triennium.

  • Cross accreditation facility

GPs who participate in other shared maternity care programs and activities may have these activities acknowledged as substitution for some of the Peninsula Health triennial requirements.


Peninsula Health Shared Maternity Care Program Committee

The Shared Maternity Care Committee meets monthly.


The purpose of the Peninsula Health Shared Maternity Care Program Committee is to oversee the running of the program. The committee will have direct responsibility over the following functions,

  • Approval/rejection of Shared Maternity Care Affiliate (SMCA) accreditation/reaccreditation applications
  • Running of the SMC program
  • Delivering educational and networking opportunities for SMCA

Affiliates can contact the committee via the GP Liaison Unit.

Comments and/or complaints about the program are welcome, but should also be directly reported to the appropriate department within Peninsula Health.


Accredited Shared Maternity Care GPs- 2017-2019 triennium


Newsletters and Education Events

Shared Maternity Care Newsletters 

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Education Events

Fetal Growth Restriction Education Program 2019

The target audience for the workshop are clinicians providing maternity care with a focus on midwives and doctors practising in maternity hospitals and general practitioners. The program also offers a train-the-trainer workshop of 2 hours for experienced clinical educators who wish to become FGR educators.

Train the trainer for Fetal Growth Restriction Education Program