Covid-19 Screening Clinic details – Frankston, Rosebud and mobile.

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Outpatient Services – including ACCESS

GP referrals need to be sent before patient appointments can be made


There are exceptions to central intake for e-referrals and fax for some Outpatient services – please see individual clinic referral guidelines. 

  • Outpatients General Enquiries  9784 2600
  • Clinical Enquiries Outpatients (for GPs only) 9788 1432 8.30 am to 5.00 pm Mon-Fri
  • Outpatient Fax  9788 1879 

  • Please note most clinic referrals require results to be sent with referrals-please see clinic guidelines below for details


COVID-19 and Outpatients


Peninsula Health became a COVID patient streaming hospital network.  Elective surgery has now been restricted to Category 1.

Outpatient services

Peninsula Health will pivot to undertake predominantly Telehealth clinic appointments where possible

We will continue to receive and manage referrals that our referring GP’s communicate are urgent. 

Other referrals may be wait listed and face longer than usual delays due to staff and resource capabilities.

We thank GP’s for their ongoing support in managing patients in the community during this challenging time

Patients should call before cancelling appointments as it may be possible to convert some appointments to telehealth or phone consultations 

Patients can call Outpatients number on 9784 2600 (small wait may be involved)




Statewide Referral Criteria

The Department of Health and Human Services is developing statewide referral criteria to assist GPs and clinicians referring patients to specialist clinics. These criteria have been developed to improve access to specialist clinics in public hospitals by improving the quality and appropriateness of referrals.

ACCESS : Community Health, Allied Health, RAPPS

As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the increasing number of positive cases in our local community, some of the services provided by our Community Health team are currently being impacted. Many of our Community Health team are now working in a variety of roles to support our response to the pandemic, including caring for people with COVID-19.

For Community Health Program Changes due to COVID 19

ACCESS is the first point of contact for information and referrals to a wide range of Community Health, Rehabilitation and Aged /other Specialist services (both Centre based and Outreach) at Peninsula Health. It is run separately to Acute Outpatients. 

GPs refer using the referral form and/or referral letter. 

Patients can self-refer to many ACCESS and Community Health Services  (see links).




ACCESS Services are also listed under relevant clinical condition clinic tabs.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service
  • Advance Care Planning
  • Agestrong
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Services
    • Consultation Liaison Addiction Medicine Service (CLAMS) listed under separate Addiction Medicine tab 
  • Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic (see Cancer Related Clinics or Rehabilitation Services tabs below)
  • Cardiac (see Cardiology Clinics and Rehabilitation Clinic tabs below)
    • Rehabilitation Clinic
    • Reduced Ejection Fraction Clinic
  • Children’s Allied Health and Audiology Services
  • Community Care
    • Call 9788 1700 or email  CommunityCareEnquiry@phcn.vic.gov.au.  Calls from GPs can be directed to nursing staff or doctors via the contact details above. Care coordinators work business hours. Outreach nurses work 7 days 0800-2400 (2100-2400 telephone support only).
    • Community Care Flyer
  • Community Health Programs and Services Patient Brochure
  • Continence Services including Urogynaecology Clinic (for latter see Women’s Health Clinic tab)
  • Coronavirus Recovery and Rehabilitation clinic – see Coronavirus Clinics tab below
  • Counselling
  • Diabetes Education
  • Dietetics
  • Disability Liaison Officers
  • Drug and Alcohol Services – also see Addiction Medicine (CLAMS) tab below
  • Exercise Physiology 
  • Falls and Balance Clinic
  • Homeless Health and Outreach Services
  • Keeping Families Safe – also see Family Violence
  • Lymphoedema Service
  • Movement Disorders Program (see Neurology Clinics tab)
  • NDIS
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry 
    • General services 
    • Vascular High Risk Foot Clinic – see separate tab below
  • RAPPS – Rehabilitation, Ageing, Pain and Palliative Care Services (see tabs below)
  • Speech Pathology
  • Support services (Carers and Social Support)
  • Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic (see Women’s Health Clinics tab)
  • Youth Services – see also Young People

Ageing Outpatient Services

Aged Care ACCESS Services at Peninsula Health

All referrals for clients aged 65+ (aged 50+ ATSI clients) seeking individual appointments for the following services need to be directed to the My Aged Care Portal.

My Aged Care   PH 1800 200 422      FAX 1800 728 174

•       Podiatry
•       Physiotherapy including Outreach Physiotherapy
•       Exercise Physiology
•       Outreach Occupational Therapy
•       Outreach Speech Pathology
•       Social Support Group

Referral to these services for clients aged less than 65 (50 ATSI clients) and for all other ACCESS services listed should be referred to ACCESS as usual.

Addiction Medicine - CLAMS

Addiction Medicine – Consultation Liaison Addiction Medicine Service (CLAMS)

CLAMS can offer support and advice and/or assist with the review and assessment of your clients to enhance their ongoing management.  One of the main aims of the service will be to provide transition from acute to community pharmacotherapy.

Referal Guideline for CLAMS – Referral via ACCESS

Cancer Related Clinics


Other Peninsula Health Services 

  • Breast Care Nurses

Peninsula Health employs a Breast Care Nurse to provide support, information and referrals to patients and their families throughout the breast cancer journey. Treatment plans are discussed at a fortnightly Breast Multidisciplinary Team meeting and GPs are encouraged to attend. Contact the Breast Care Coordinator for more information on 9784 1689 or mobile 0438 562 879 (service operates every Monday, Tuesday and alternate Fridays, working hours are 7am to 3.30pm.)

  • Lung Cancer Care Nursing Coordinator

Peninsula Health employs a Lung Cancer Care Nursing Coordinator. The Coordinator is a resource for patients, families, carers and clinicians. Contact 0435 393 287 e-mail: LungCancer@phcn.vic.gov.au. (service operates Monday, Friday and Alternate Thursdays)


Other Services and Information

Cardiology Clinics and Cardiac Investigations

Cardiology Clinics

All Cardiology Specialist Clinics are now open to e-referral via mastercare

All faxed referral should go to Outpatients 9788 1879.

Updated referral guidelines to come

  • For Chest pain and Structural heart clinic information please contact reception by phone; PH  9784 1177

Reduced Ejection Fraction Clinic

Reduced Ejection Fraction Clinic (previously Cardiac Failure Clinic) // Reduced Ejection Fraction Clinic Referral Form

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program 

  • refer via ACCESS

Cardiac Investigations

Cardiac Investigation Unit Referral Form

  • Exercise Stress ECG
  • Exercise Stress Echocardiogram 
  • Echocardiogram 
  • Dobutamine, Stress Echo
  • 12 Lead ECG
  • Holter Monitor (24Hrs)
  • Holter Monitor (7 Day)
  • Event Monitor (7 Day)
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Pacemaker Check

Cardiac Radiology Investigations 

  • Calcium Score
  • Cardiac CT (not open to GP referral)
  • Gated Heart Pool Scan
  • Myocardial Perfusion Scan

Child & Young Adult Clinics

Children’s Clinics- OPEN to GP referral

General Medical Clinic for children 16 years and under for the following
• General Paediatric
• Dermatology
• Neurology
• Respiratory
• Gynaecology

Children’s Allied Health Clinics 

Referral via ACCESS – see ACCESS tab above

  • Children’s Audiology
  • Children’s Occupational Therapy
  • Children’s Physiotherapy
  • Children’s Podiatry
  • Children’s Speech Pathology
  • Continence Clinic

Paediatric Surgery– referral to this service is currently under review please contact Department of Surgery on 9784 7368 for any referral enquiries



Peninsula Health Coronavirus Screening Clinic Information

Endocrinology Clinic

ENT Surgery at Peninsula Health

Peninsula Health is not able to provide an ENT Outpatient service currently. 

Patients who need ENT assessment can be referred to

1. A local private ENT surgeon who can then refer as a public patient to Frankston Hospital if surgery is required. A list of hospital specialists with private rooms who can refer patients to the Frankston Hospital ENT Surgery waiting list can be found on our website (Specialist Directory).

NB Exclusion to local services;  Children with airway foreign bodies needing bronchoscopic extraction. 

2. Monash Health ENT Surgery Outpatients 

Infectious Diseases Clinic

Medical Clinics

Medical Clinics- OPEN to GP referral

  • Geriatric Medicine Clinic – see Ageing Outpatient Services tab above

Mental Health

Pain Services

GP referrals

Peninsula Integrated Pain Service is comprised of the Persistent Pain Management Service (PPMS) at The Mornington Centre and the Pain Medicine Clinic (PMC) at Frankston Hospital Outpatients. All patient referrals will now occur through ACCESS- see above for ACCESS referrals

Pain Medicine Clinic Referral Guideline

Integrated Pain Service Referral Form

Pain Services Patient Information

Respiratory and Sleep Clinics

Please note limited services are running due to COVID-19 pandemic

  • Lung Cancer Care Nursing Coordinator

Peninsula Health employs a Lung Cancer Care Nursing Coordinator. The Coordinator is a resource for patients, families, carers and clinicians. Contact 0435 393 287 e-mail: LungCancer@phcn.vic.gov.au. (service operates Monday, Friday and Alternate Thursdays)

  • Respiratory Outpatients 
    • Interstitial Lung Disease 
    • Pleural Disease
    • Severe Asthma 


Rheumatology Clinic

Surgical Clinics

Surgical Clinics- OPEN to GP referral

Current advice for patients booked for surgery at Peninsula Health in need of Pre-surgery testing for COVID-19 is to see one of the Peninsula Health testing stations 


Emergency Paediatric General and Urological surgery is not usually performed at Frankston Hospital.

Emergency paediatric Plastic Surgery and Orthopaedic services are available for patients with acute injuries who are referred to Fracture Clinic or Plastic Surgery Clinic or who present to the Frankston Hospital Emergency Department. The Orthopaedic unit looks after paediatric trauma patients and shares care with the paediatricians for paediatric patients with bone or joint infections.

Vascular High Risk Foot Clinic

Peninsula Health does not have a general Vascular Surgery Outpatient service. 

The Vascular Surgery Unit does run a High Risk Foot Clinic in conjunction with Podiatry services open to GP referral.

Patients who need Vascular Surgery assessment other than at the High Risk Foot clinic can be referred to

  1.  A private Vascular surgeon who can then refer to Frankston Hospital as a public patient if surgery is required. A list of hospital specialists with private rooms who can refer patients to the Frankston Hospital Vascular Surgery waiting list can be found on our website (Specialist Directory).
                                                                                                                                                                       NB hyperhidrosis and lymphoedema conditions are not treated by Vascular Surgeons at Peninsula Health. The Lymphoedema Service can be referred to via ACCESS 

     2.  Monash Health Vascular Surgery Outpatients 

Women's Health and Antenatal Clinics

Antenatal Clinics

 URGENT –  COVID-19 and GP Booking Referrals

If a GP has an URGENT pregnancy concern,  please contact the obstetric registrar via switchboard on 9784 7777

If a shared maternity care GP affiliate is unable to see women in their practice e.g. clinic closed due to COVID-19, please contact the Antenatal Clinic at Frankston Hospital on 9784 2626.

The service allows women  to be seen locally for ultrasound opinions, diagnostic imaging, Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villous Sampling.

GP Referrals must be made on the referral form below and ALL the relevant information must be included with the referral. Incomplete paperwork will delay the appointment in this time-critical setting. All referrals are to be faxed and will be triaged by the by the Fetal Diagnostic Service Coordinator.

Women will be contacted and have an urgent antenatal clinic appointment at Peninsula Health to provide additional counselling before their ultrasound. Women should also be offered the option of genetic counselling where appropriate. This will be provided by Monash Genetics Services and referrals can be made following the link  www.monashhealth.org/page/Genetics

Referral Form Fetal Diagnostic Service

Other Women’s Health Clinics

  • Breastfeeding Support Service PH 9784 2600  Self referral to Lactation Consultant service. Priority is given to women who have given birth at Frankston Hospital or who live within Peninsula Health catchment. For babies from birth to age four months.

Patient information

Having Your Baby at Frankston Hospital

The above link takes patients to information about services and clinics offered for pregnancy and post-natal care including the Enhanced Maternity Clinic and Koori Maternity Service.


NO GENERAL GYNAECOLOGICAL Outpatient Services at Peninsula Health – referral options below

We would like to remind all our local GPs that Peninsula Health does not have a general Gynaecology outpatient service. Women who require gynaecology assessment other than for the services listed above  have two options;

  1. Be referred to a private Gynaecologist and treated as a public patient at Frankston Hospital if surgery is required. A list of hospital specialists with private rooms who can refer patients to the Frankston Hospital Gynaecological  Surgery waiting list can be found on our website (Specialist Directory- see left hand menu)
  2. Be referred to another health service with public gynaecology outpatient services.


Outpatient Clinics are located at various locations across Peninsula Health including:

Frankston Hospital – Building D Outpatient Area 1 (NEW) & 3rd Floor consulting rooms, Frankston Integrated Health Centre, Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Centre, The Mornington Centre, Rosebud Hospital Community Health Centre, Hastings Community Health Centre.