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Mental Health Act 2014


If a person appears to have mental illness and appears to require compulsory mental health treatment, the Act empowers registered medical practitioners, including general practitioners, to make an Assessment Order.

The Assessment Order replaces the current Request and Recommendation in the Mental Health Act 1986.

Assessment Order – role of general practitioners

Under the Act, a registered medical practitioner may make an Assessment Order if they have examined the person and are satisfied that the criteria for an Assessment Order apply.

The purpose of an Assessment Order is to enable an authorised psychiatrist to examine the person to determine whether they have mental illness and require compulsory mental health treatment.

After completing the MHA 101 Assessment Order form, a general practitioner must:

· tell the person that they have made an Assessment Order

· give the person a copy of the Assessment Order

· explain the purpose and effect of the Assessment Order

· give the person a copy of the Assessment Order – Statement of rights and explain the information

· notify the authorised psychiatrist of the relevant designated mental health service and give them a copy of the order.


General practitioners may also have a role in providing treatment and care to people subject to Community Treatment Orders. 


MHA 101 Assessment Order Form

Assessment Order-Statement of Rights

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