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Emergency Care and Rapid Assessment Pathways



For concerned community members DO NOT CALL THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT.

These Phone Numbers are needed for  emergency patient care. Please use links below;

Coronavirus Screening Clinic Information

DHHS Coronavirus hotline


Emergency Departments       

  • For GPs only to provide clinical handover of an unwell patient

Frankston Consultant Phone 9784 7196, Rosebud Consultant Phone  5986 0623

  • For GP Practice Staff communication

ED Triage Clerk Frankston 9784 3080, Rosebud Hospital  5986 0666

Mental Health Triage

1300 792 977

Community Care

Community Care provides acute medical management in the patient’s own environment as an alternative to Emergency Department presentation for MOST conditions including for relatively simple clinical procedures and assistance with end of life issues.

Community Care

Call 9788 1700 or email  CommunityCareEnquiry@phcn.vic.gov.au

Calls from GPs can be directed to nursing staff or doctors via the contact details above.

Care coordinators work business hours.

Outreach nurses work 7 days 0800-2400 (2100-2400 telephone support only).

Hospital in the Home

Phone : 9784 7777 ask for HITH Consultant.

Maternity Services

Pregnancy and Postnatal Assessment- When and How to Refer 2019


REMINDER : Limited Emergency Paediatric Surgical Services at Peninsula Health

GPs are reminded that emergency Paediatric General and Urological surgery is not usually performed at Frankston Hospital.

If you are managing a child less than 16 years of age who is unwell and who is likely to deteriorate clinically or require surgery ( for example probable appendicitis or testicular torsion) please strongly consider referring them to Monash Health directly. If the patient comes to Peninsula Health first, delay to definitive treatment will occur.

Emergency paediatric Plastic Surgery and Orthopaedic services are available for patients with acute injuries who are referred to Fracture Clinic or Plastic Surgery Clinic or who present to the Frankston Hospital Emergency Department. The Orthopaedic unit looks after paediatric trauma patients and shares care with the paediatricians for paediatric patients with bone or joint infections.


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