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Discharge Information, Pathology and Radiology

Health Information Services (HIS) Ph 9784 7446

  • GPs can obtain information about Discharge Summaries and Investigations Results by contacting HIS or contacting the service directly on the numbers below.

Hospital Discharge Summaries

  • Peninsula Health offers electronic discharge summary delivery via secure download. If you are not able to receive electronic discharge summaries but would like to do so contact the Clinical Systems Unit on Ph. 9788 1225 or email Clover@phcn.vic.gov.au
  • Obstetric Discharge Summaries – Discharge summaries for routine births are faxed to GPs as well as given directly to women on discharge to take to the GP at their next visit. Complicated births or those with significant medical interventions are sent via fax or electronic transmission to the nominated GP. Enquiries about obstetric discharge summaries can be made to the ward clerk on 9784 7450 or Health Information Services  (HIS) on 9784 7446.

  • Mental Health Services Discharge Summaries

    If you have any enquiries about a discharge summary for your patient please call the Peninsula Health Department of Mental Health Administration on 9784 7105.  Or if it is an urgent request

    • Ward 1 and 2 West- 9784 7160
    • Davey Street (Ambulatory care)- 9784 6999
    • Aged mental Health- 9784 7095

Dorevitch Pathology

Further information on Dorevitch Pathology, including the location of collection centres, can be obtained at www.dorevitch.com.au

Phone: 9784 7555

Peninsula Health Medical Imaging

PH: 9784 7501
Hours:  Mon – Fri 8:30am – 5pm

After hours: 
Mon – Fri 5pm – 10pm (Plain xrays only)
Sat – Sun: 
8.30am – 10pm (Plain xrays only)


MRI bookings: 9784 7077
MRI Fax: 9784 7930

  • Peninsula Health Medical Imaging Referral Forms

PHMI Radiology A5 referral

PHMI Radiology DENTAL referral

  • ZedLINK

Peninsula Health Medical Imaging now have a new way for GP’s to view Radiology images and reports on line using Zedlink.  Zedlink have Apps available for the ipad and iphone.  For your username and password please see the link below to register.