COVID 19 and Monkeypox

This page is designed to assist GPs to find information and local referral Pathways for COVID 19 and Monkeypox.
COVID 19- Coronavirus

Clinical Advice and Escalation of Care

The Community Care team will remain available for GPs to discuss clinical care of patients.

Community Care 9788 1700 8am – 9pm 7 days a week

Email: communitycareenquires@phcn.vic.gov.au for general enquiries

Social and welfare needs

During business hours Community Care 9788 1700 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday


Emergency Care

For emergency call 000.

Ambulance Victoria will undertake further assessment regarding transfer to hospital and may sometimes access other services such as Virtual ED to ensure the most appropriate care for your patient.


Recommended COVID 19 Disease-Modifying Treatments


Evusheld™ Injection 

A limited supply of tixagevimab and cilgavimab (Evusheld™) is available at Frankston Hospital for use in high-risk people for pre-exposure prophylaxis for COVID-19 for eligible patients

Tixagevimab and cilgavimab (Evusheld™) are monoclonal antibodies designed to block viral attachment and entry into cells. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has provisionally approved the use of Evusheld™ for COVID-19 pre-exposure prophylaxis. 

Once a referral is received via the covidtherapy@phcn.vic.gov.au address contact will be made directly with the client / patient and an apt organised.

Evusheld™ prescribing resources for GPs and specialists | health.vic.gov.au


GP specialists and Non-GP specialists may refer to Peninsula Health in the following way:

  1. Read the clinician fact sheet
  2. Consent and provide patient with consumer fact sheet
  3. Complete EVUSHELD Patient Consent and Referral
  4. Complete Request to Access Evusheld form (Health Services)NOT the GPs and specialists form
  5. Email both forms to covidtherapy@phcn.vic.gov.au

A script is not required and the Peninsula Health EVUSHELD team will contact your patient to arrange an appointment.


EVUSHELD can also be obtained with a GP prescription and administered by a participating Supercare Pharmacy

  1. Read the clinician fact sheet
  2. Consent and provide patient with consumer fact sheet
  3. Decide where patient is going to have the injections (at a supercare pharmacy after hours (6-10pm) or at GP practice (in hours)).
  4. Write a non PBS Evusheld script (paper or eScript)
  5. Complete the Request to Access Evusheld form (GPs and specialists) form
  6. Complete the Request for Evusheld administration by a Supercare Pharmacy nursing serviceform if patient is having it done at a supercare pharmacy (only between 6-10pm)
  7. Give script and forms to patient to take to one of the supercare pharmacies listed on the website
  8. Alternatively, Administer Evusheld IM injection (x2) instead at your own practice after patient has obtained from a supercare pharmacy (in hours)


More Information for GPs




A limited supply of Monkeypox (MPX) vaccine is available at Frankston Hospital for use in clients who meet the eligibility criteria as set out by the Department of Health.

This service will be available for a limited time and attendance is via appointment only.  No weekend service is currently available.

The JYNNEOS® vaccine is the current preferred vaccine and may be used for both pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prphylaxis (PEP) against MPX.  JYNNEOS® is not registered for use in Australia and has not been formally assessed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) but has been made available via a special emergency pathway under section 18A of the Therapeutic Goods Act 989 (Cth).

PrEP Referral Process

Recipients who are deemed eligible to receive the JYNNEOS® PrEP vaccination can either be:

  • Referred and consented by a medical practitioner directly to the Monkeypox service at Frankston Hospital.
  • Referred (by GP or self) directly to the Monkeypox service at Frankston Hospital and consented by a Qualified Nurse Immuniser.

Referrals are either via phone to 0481 054 940 or alternatively via email to covidtherapy@phcn.vic.gov.au.

The client consent document can be found via the Department of Health website.

Consent can be completed on day of treatment


General Community Exposure

Vaccination with a MPX vaccine for post exposure prophylaxis may be recommended for certain contacts following a case by case risk assessment. Members of the community are advised to contact the Department of Health directly for advice or alternatively email immunisation@health.vic.gov.au

PEP should be considered as soon as possible after first exposure to a confirmed MPX case. Vaccination within 4 days of first exposure to an infectious case will provide the highest likelihood of disease prevention. Vaccination between 4 to 14 days is anticipated to attenuate disease.

Additional Documents of Interest

·         Monkeypox (MPX) resources | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care