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COVID 19 and GPs

UPDATE: COVID-19 Vaccination for Patients at Peninsula Health


Public patients Under 50 Years and Pfizer vaccination

From Monday 17th May 2021, Peninsula Health is offering access to Pfizer vaccination for those under the age of 50 who meet the 1A or expanded 1B criteria.

Government Covid 19 vaccination update May 12

Public patients will need to provide proof of eligibility for Pfizer vaccination on the day of vaccination as per DHHS requirements.

All bookings for the public must be made via the central DHHS COVID Hotline – 1800 675 398.  Please do not call or send referrals to Peninsula Health for bookings for vaccination appointments.


Public patients Over 50 Years

Peninsula Health is now providing the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination to people aged 50 and over in line with the Federal Government’s coronavirus vaccination rollout plan. 

Public over 50 years of age can only access Pfizer vaccination if they they  

  • have already had a first dose of Pfizer vaccine OR
  • meet VicSIS criteria in which case they need to be referred to VicSIS directly by their GP (see below).  Please note that Peninsula Health is not a VicSIS provider and cannot accept VicSIS referrals.

All bookings for the public must be made via the central DHHS COVID Hotline  – 1800 675 398.  Please do not call or send referrals to Peninsula Health for bookings for vaccination appointments.

  • Both our John Madder Hall clinic on the Frankston site and Our Rosebud Hospital clinic (Elenora House) also can accept some walk-in appointments for Astra Zenica Vaccinations, however bookings are strongly encouraged to avoid wait times.
  • More information for consumers can be found on this link Covid 19 vaccination



Do you have a clinical question about a patient with Anaphylaxis  or Previous cerebral venous sinus thrombosis ( CVST), heparin-induced thrombocytopaenia (HIT), splanchnic vein clots or thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) and  COVID-19 Vaccination?

Contact ​VicSIS network

Please Note: The closest VicSIS service is at Monash Health and this service is not available at Peninsula Health. 
Please also note VicSIS assesses vaccine eligibility but does not provide administration of vaccines. 


COVID-19 Vaccine 1A & 1B for GPs and GP Practice Staff at Peninsula Health

Any GPs and GP Practice Staff eligible for 1A and 1B can book at the following Peninsula Health sites: 

·        Frankston Hospital campus: John Madder Hall and Short Stay Theatre

·        Rosebud Hospital campus: Eleanora House

To book at Peninsula Health call: 9784 8000  (number not for general public, for GP clinics only)

Open between 9am-5pm, daily.

Have your eligibility criteria ready (company name, role, place of work, Medicare number).


Local Coronavirus Positive Pathway

Peninsula Health (PH) will be contacted by DHHS about all positive coronavirus cases in our area and PH will liaise with GPs and patients about follow up and clearance.

SEMPHN and DHHS have developed a regional COVID-19 Positive Pathway for GPs.
This has useful PH contact numbers and clinical information and can be found here. Key Contact information is summarised in the table below.

More Information for GPs

Community Health Post Covid-19 Recovery Program/ Covid 19 Recovery and Rehabilitation Referal Guideline




For concerned community members who have accessed this page for advice regarding Coronavirus, PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT.

The Emergency Department Phone Numbers are needed for patient care in the case of emergency

Consider Calling your GP clinic. Most GP clinics will give you all the advice that you need over the phone. They will also let you know if and where you may need to be seen and/or tested for Coronavirus.