Covid-19 Screening Clinic details – Frankston, Rosebud and mobile.

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COVID 19 and GPs

Local Coronavirus Positive Pathway

Peninsula Health (PH) will be contacted by DHHS about all positive coronavirus cases in our area and PH will liaise with GPs and patients about follow up and clearance.

SEMPHN and DHHS have developed a regional COVID-19 Positive Pathway for GPs.
This has useful PH contact numbers and clinical information and can be found here. Key Contact information is summarised in the table below.

More Information for GPs

Community Health Post Covid-19 Recovery Program/ Covid 19 Recovery and Rehabilitation Referal Guideline




For concerned community members who have accessed this page for advice regarding Coronavirus, PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT.

The Emergency Department Phone Numbers are needed for patient care in the case of emergency

Consider Calling your GP clinic. Most GP clinics will give you all the advice that you need over the phone. They will also let you know if and where you may need to be seen and/or tested for Coronavirus.