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Blood and Iron Transfusions

 1)   NEW Process for Blood Transfusions and Iron Infusions at Frankston Hospital

GP referrals will be triaged at the INFUSION CENTRE at Frankston Hospital.

Some patients may be required to attend the General Medical Clinic for further assessment prior to or after infusion/transfusion.

Referral form for Infusion – Iron and Blood

Relevant blood test results must be sent with the referral form.

  • FAX 9784 2333
  • PHONE 9788 1710

Opening hours: 
Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm 

Closed on Saturday and Sundays and public holidays

2)    Hospital in the Home Blood Transfusion Service – for patients in Residential Care who have received a   blood transfusion in the past without complications.

  • Patients who live in residential care institutions and require blood transfusions for chronic anaemia can receive these transfusions at their place of residence if they are referred to Hospital in the Home (HITH) directly.
  • A pre-requisite for the use of this service is that the patient has received a blood transfusion in the past with no adverse reaction. If this is a first transfusion then the patient must be referred for assessment to the General Medical Clinic (as above). Subsequent transfusions may then be performed in residential care if appropriate which hopefully will be less disruptive for the patient.
  • Patients can be referred to the HITH Physician by a Medical Practitioner. The referring doctor may contact HITH directly on 9784 7777 and asking for the HITH Consultant on duty or fax request on 9784 7242. 
  • All referrals must include attachments of current general haematology results (FBE, CRP, B12, Folate, Iron Studies, FOBs) and any information on current investigations or needed investigations.