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Happy Babies Appeal

Sonny (pictured above) is mum Amy’s first baby. Sonny’s birth and his first few days after were anything but smooth. Amy had terrible pre-eclampsia and Sonny was in the Special Care Nursery for over a month. Sonny was diagnosed with jaundice almost straight away…he was so little, only 1.7 kilos (3 pounds, 8 ounces). In the first few days after having a baby, life can be a blur. Imagine being rushed in for an emergency caesarean, knowing your baby might be sick.  Your tiny baby is undergoing multiple tests only hours after birth and you as a mother are too unwell to be with them.

This was Amy’s experience, and it’s why we need your support today.

If jaundice is not identified and treated quickly in newborns, it can lead to liver damage and in the worst cases, brain damage. Sonny had to face a painful and unnecessary heel prick with a needle to find out just how sick he was. This test that required a heel prick could have been prevented if we had the latest testing equipment. Amy was so unwell she could not be there to comfort him.

Your donation today can help us buy a small piece of equipment that can completely change the experience of 3,000 babies like Sonny born at Frankston Hospital and babies treated through our Homecare Midwifery Service. We need to buy ten Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer’s (TCB), which is a long name for a small tool that will allow our hospitals to provide world class care in our very own backyard. These machines allow us to detect jaundice in babies simply by placing it on their skin as opposed to a painful heel prick. We also know that early detection and treatment of jaundice can prevent babies being placed in the Special Care Nursery. With access to TCB machines, we wouldn’t have to put our tiniest patients through the trauma of an agonising heel prick.

Your support now can help us equip our midwives to care for the 3,000 newborns on the Mornington Peninsula immediately after birth, and crucially, in their own homes.

The TCB monitor will not only help midwives to test newborns in the hospital, but also when mum and baby are at home. Together, we can help newborns and their mothers to avoid the heartbreak of separation in their first moments together.

What’s more, our midwives can use these machines in their home visits, meaning babies like Sonny can have rapid diagnosis and referral to a local doctor for treatment. This not only gives newborns the best care but means they can receive that care right on their doorstep, without the need for stressful hospital visits.

These machines will help us test EVERY baby that needs the test before they are discharged.  That is world class care for the 3,000 babies born each year, in our very own community.

With a TCB machine, our team can quickly and painlessly test babies for jaundice and recommend the best treatment. With immediate results, there is no anxious wait or the stress of the cost of expensive test results.

Please help us give every single newborn on the Mornington Peninsula the best start in life by making a donation so we can buy life-saving equipment.