Who is a Consumer Advisor

Consumer Advisors who have experience of:

  • A current or previous health condition
  • Accessing care from a health service
  • A carer, family member or friend of someone who accesses health services
  • Participating in a research project such as a clinical trial

Ways in which Consumer Advisors partner with us include:

  • Provide advice on what patients, families and carers may expect
  • Provide patient, family and carer views at all levels of our health service
  • Identify and raise concerns and issues
  • Provide us with insight into the experience that patients, families and carers have with us
  • Provide feedback on written information developed for consumers
  • Contribute to service planning
  • Contribute to design of a research project
  • Special projects, e.g. Frankston Hospital Redevelopment

….And many more