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Frankston Hospital Stage 3

Frankston Hospital Exterior

Architects impression of Frankston Hospital Stage 3


The Stage 3 expansion will include:

  • A new Emergency Department
  • A new Coronary Care Unit
  • Two new wards
  • Two additional ICU beds
  • Two additional Special Care Nursery cots

The $81 million dollar project is currently under way and is expected to open in early 2015.

The new Emergency Department is two and a half times the size of the current one and will be located on the ground floor of the complex and will contain 49 general treatment cubicles, four procedure areas, 28 specialised beds and specialist treatment rooms and consultation areas. The specialist treatment areas will include Women’s Health, Paediatrics and Mental Health.

Frankston Hospital has one of the busiest Emergency Departments in the State. The new Emergency Department will be able to better handle the emergency needs of our growing population in the longer term.

The addition of three wards will boost the hospital’s capacity to meet the demands of the growing population on the Peninsula by increasing the number of places available within the hospital.

What you need to know

Once the new facility is open:

  • The new Emergency Department will be located on the opposite side of the hospital between the existing hospital and the Frankston Tennis Club.
  • Road access will be available via the new entrance on  Hastings Road and the existing entrance on Yuille Street.
  • Some parking as well as drop off points will be available outside the new Emergency Department
  • The new wards will be accessible via the main entrance as well as the new building