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Each year, 57,000 Australians suffer a heart attack. This means on average there is one heart attack every ten minutes.

For Paul, a Patient Services Assistant at Rosebud Hospital, this statistic became a reality for him on August 1st. Paul was working the Thursday morning shift. ‘I had really strong chest pain. I wasn’t sure what it was…I went to get fresh air but it didn’t go away.’ Within minutes of reporting his symptoms to Associate Nurse Unit Manager Deb, Paul was in the wheelchair and on the way to Emergency, and then in an ambulance to Frankston Hospital after only 20 minutes.

Fortunately for Paul, he did not require CPR, however many patients do. If we had a state-of-the-art Corpuls machine in our Emergency Departments, we could support and stabilise patients before transferring them to our Cardiac specialists for treatment.

One of the biggest risks of transporting patients is the potential for cardiac arrhythmias and cardiac arrest. For Paul, this risk was high. Cardiologists found another blocked artery in his heart.

‘They found that I had another blockage… another artery that was 90% blocked.’

A high risk for any patient that has had a heart attack is a cardiac arrest. A Corpuls machine provides cardiac compressions to these patients enabling staff to attend to other immediate lifesaving interventions.

On average 21 Australians die from a heart attack every day. The faster our nurses and doctors can act, the more lives they can save, and the better quality of life for our patients.

Across both our Emergency Departments in Rosebud and Frankston, we helped over 100,000 patients last year alone. Our doctors and nurses are some of the most dedicated and skilled in their field. It was their rapid response that helped save Paul’s life.

With your help, we can provide them with a state-of-the-art Corpuls machine to provide the best emergency care to our community.

Your donation can equip our Emergency Departments with life-saving equipment to treat and stabilise heart attack patients. 



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