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Postgraduate Studies

Peninsula Health provides a variety of postgraduate courses in collaboration with Monash, Deakin and LaTrobe Universities. While the theoretical component is undertaken at the University, specific clinical experience is provided within Peninsula Health. Comprehensive and appropriate clinical support is provided by educators in partnership with clinical staff at the ward level.

Postgraduate courses include:

How to apply

To prepare an application for our Postgraduate Program we encourage you to:

  1. Create a profile in the Peninsula Health eMercury system. Your account will send you an alert when job advertisements open (anticipate to open by early September for 2022). Applications can only be made with a registered account.
  2. If you are interested in our Postgraduate Program, you’re encouraged to discuss your individual needs with our experienced educators. Contact our Continuing Education and Development Unit on (03) 9784 7732 or cedu@phcn.vic.gov.au and you will be connected with the relevant educator.
  3. Attend a virtual information session relevant to your stream. Details will be made available on this web page and on our social media channels.

Cardiac Care

Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia, representing 1 in 5 deaths (heartfoundation.org.au). Therefore, the care of these patients is becoming more complex with Cardiac Nurses needing to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to ensure the best possible outcomes for these patients. For this to occur, completing postgraduate studies will not only give you the knowledge required, but enhance your understanding of the function of the heart and how changes in that function affects all the other systems of the body.

Here at Peninsula Health, the Cardiac Nursing postgraduate is offered through either Deakin or La Trobe Universities. Both programs offer a comprehensive theoretical base, with your clinical component being completed through Western Port Ward. At the completion of the course, you will have both the skills and knowledge to care for this growing population of patients that present to Peninsula Health. Depending on at which level you choose to exit, the Certificate level course is over 12 months, however you can continue your studies to complete a Postgraduate Diploma or even Masters in Nursing Practice (via either research or coursework)

Western Port ward is a 24 bed acute cardiac unit, with the ability to extend to 32 with the use of RACU for overflow. The ward it self has 8 acute beds, and 16 sub-acute/ step down beds. Types of admissions to the ward include acute myocardial infarctions, Non- STEACS, arrhythmias of any kind, and elective procedures such as PCI, DCR, TOEs.


The postgraduate emergency nursing course at Peninsula Health can be completed through Monash, Deakin or La Trobe University providing you with the flexibility to choose the institution that meets your needs. The Emergency Departments (ED) at Peninsula Health include Frankston with 58 ED beds and 20 Emergency Short Stay Unit (ESSU) beds and a further 20 beds at Rosebud Hospital. The high volume of annual presentations provides a wide variety of emergency experience. Currently Frankston ED attends to 105,000 patients annually and Rosebud ED 24,000, with 30% of presentations being paediatric.

Frankston ED has the highest number of ambulance presentations in the state of Victoria.   It has a five-bed resuscitation area with state-of-the-art equipment to provide high quality care to critically ill patients. Clinical support is provided by expert clinical staff and educators guiding students to apply theoretical knowledge to practice. Experience is gained in all areas of emergency nursing including paediatrics, mental health, triage, procedural sedation, resuscitation, ventilation and haemodynamic monitoring. Clinical study days will supplement learning with a focus on practical application.  Our aim is to support your development into a highly skilled emergency nurse that is both competent and confident in year that is both challenging and enjoyable.

Intensive Care

In ICU we encourage and motivate ALL staff in the pursuit of clinical excellence and ongoing professional development and improvement. Education in ICU fosters excellence in patient centred, evidence based, best practice care delivery.

We offer an induction program and transition to speciality practice program to prepare you effectively for your postgraduate studies.  Our postgraduate program is supported by online resources, bedside support and mentoring with experienced staff and educators, and simulated scenarios in the unit and simulation centre.

Mental Health

Mental Health nursing is a highly specialised and demanding area of work. In recognition of this, Peninsula Health has made a commitment to only employ Division 1 Nurses who possess or are willing to undertake specialist post-registration qualifications in mental health nursing. It is an expectation that nurses who gain such qualifications are endorsed with the Nurses Board of Victoria as a psychiatric nurse.

The Clinical Development Program was developed specifically for Peninsula Health Psychiatric Service to support Division 1 nurses in gaining additional qualifications to enable them to work safely in the mental health field. The program incorporates clinical times with concurrent study through Monash University. Participants completing the program and course requirements will be eligible to graduate with the Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Mental Health). This program comprises one of the key recruitment strategies specific for Psychiatric Services.


The post graduate midwifery course at Peninsula Health is an 18 month intensive program through Deakin University Burwood.  Being a midwife is an inspiring and immensely fulfilling role where every day is different. Midwives need to develop the skills to respond to all situations appropriately and competently to provide safe holistic care. The course provides the opportunity for students to learn the art and science of midwifery by developing skills and knowledge in a challenging but very supportive environment. The Women’s Health Unit at Frankston Hospital has 3,000 births a year and offers diverse models of care to low and high risk women. The level 4 Special Care Nursery provides care to infants that require additional support. Students are able to work in all areas of midwifery to develop an understanding of the diversity of the role and the potential career pathways that are available for a midwife.


The postgraduate nursing course is designed to provide you with a broad range of clinical experiences that enable you to develop and learn a diverse set of skills in a range of specialty’s and sub-specialty’s. The Perioperative nurse operates in a highly dynamic and technically challenging environment as part of a multidisciplinary team. Beyond the academic component, you will have the opportunity to further develop as a perioperative nurse. You are encouraged to provide input into your clinical experience and how you develop within the perioperative environment

Find out more

Department of Human Services information: www.health.vic.gov.au/nursing

Monash University: www.med.monash.edu.au/nursing/postgraduate

Deakin University: https://www.deakin.edu.au/courses/find-a-course

LaTrobe University: https://www.latrobe.edu.au/courses/master-of-nursing