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Nursing & Midwifery Education

Continuing Education and Development Unit: Learning for Life

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Continuing EducationThe Continuing Education and Development Unit offers an extensive range of educational opportunities and support for all nursing and midwifery staff throughout Peninsula Health. We lead and assist with the development, coordination, delivery and evaluation of nursing and midwifery education services. Our team of Educators, Clinical Support Nurses, Education Service Managers and administration staff are committed to promoting evidence-based practice and learning for life.

We tailor our education delivery to meet the needs of our nursing and midwifery staff, empowering them to:

  • refresh current knowledge and skills
  • learn and adopt new technology and knowledge
  • remain current to ensure the ongoing delivery of evidence-based care
  • strive to be the best professional they can be through ongoing learning for life
Continuing Education

Education services on offer include:

  • Study days
  • Workshops
  • In-services
  • Staff development sessions
  • Medication Error Prevention Initiatives
  • Clinical support
  • Graduate Nurse Program clinical support
  • Post graduate Nurse Program clinical support

Our TeamOur Team

General Nurse Educators

Our General Nurse Educators support the acute medical/surgical wards and units of Peninsula Health, including gastroenterology, respiratory, oncology, renal, general surgical, orthopaedic, vascular, plastic surgery & the infusion centre. Portfolios include intravenous cannulation workshops & accreditation, study days, Basic Life Support Train the Trainer assessments, clinical support, ward in-services and various other activities across the organisation.  

Emergency Nurse Educators

Our Emergency Nurse Educators focus on the education needs of the nursing staff at the Frankston Hospital’s Emergency Department. They provide clinical support and education for nurses undertaking Emergency/Critical Care postgraduate Nursing studies, the Transition to Specialty Practice Program, as well as supporting the graduate nurses rotating through the Emergency Department. The Educators offer staff education on a broad array of topics (e.g. ECG interpretation, paediatric nursing care and ventilation) delivered through study days, workshops and in-services. Weekly educational opportunities ensure that our clinicians remain current to meet the demands of this fast paced and dynamic clinical environment.

Intensive Care Nurse Educators

Our Intensive Care Nurse Educators are responsible for providing on-going education and clinical guidance to the variety of nursing staff in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Frankston Hospital. They facilitate the rotation of graduate nurses through the ICU, ensuring they are supported to develop the necessary skills to thrive in this highly specialised environment, as well as guide and assess the critical/intensive care post graduate students. Their education initiatives have a strong focus on ventilation, cardiac monitoring, advanced haemodynamic monitoring/interventions and supportive therapies such as Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy.

Cardiac Nurse Educator

Cardiac Nurse Educator

Our Cardiac Nurse Educator is at the centre of cardiology nursing education at Peninsula Health. Clinical support and education is provided to postgraduate students undertaking cardiac nursing studies, graduate nurses and staff new to the cardiac ward. A range of courses is available covering topics such as cardiac pacing, cardiac monitoring, and advanced life support. Regular in-service programs are also provided to enable staff to maintain skills and advance their clinical practice.

Perioperative Nurse Educator

Our Perioperative Nurse Educator supports graduate, postgraduate and general nursing staff throughout all specialties in the Perioperative Department. Clinical support is provided in peri anaesthetics and perioperative nursing. As an integral member of the education team, the Perioperative educator conducts workshops, weekly ward in-services, graduate and postgraduate orientation, as well as ongoing support and assessment of the postgraduate nursing students.

Sub-Acute Nurse EducatorsSub-Acute Nurse Educators

Our Sub-Acute Educators support a variety of areas of sub-acute nursing such as Palliative Care, Ambulatory Care, Rehabilitation and Geriatrics. Education is tailored to these various areas in recognition of the differing nursing needs they encounter and the increasing acuity in the subacute setting.  These Educators teach into a variety of acute and sub-acute specific study days, provide clinical support, conduct in-services and various other activities across the organisation.

Mental Health Nurse Educators

Our Mental Health Nurse Educators support all Mental Health staff across Peninsula Health. Particular focus includes Graduate Nurses in mental health areas, new staff and those transitioning to mental health from other areas of the organisation, as well as nursing staff undertaking postgraduate studies in this field.

Educational support is also delivered to clinicians in the Emergency Department and Sub-Acute setting, where patients present with mental health concerns. Study days are varied and tailored to relevant areas. Some examples include: Mental Health First Aid, Dual Diagnosis & Essential Skills for Mental health Clinicians.

Midwifery Educators

Our Midwifery Educators are responsible for the co-ordination, assessment, planning, delivery, and evaluation of education services within the Women’s Health Unit at Peninsula Health. They provide clinical support with a specific focus on the graduate midwives and postgraduate midwifery students. They are involved in facilitation and organisation of multi-disciplinary programs including the world renowned Practical Obstetric Multi Professional Training (PROMPT), neonatal resuscitation and the Fetal Surveillance Education Program (FSEP). Education is also provided on topics such as water birth, perineal suturing, examination of the newborn and induction of labour. Our Midwives are kept up to date with evidence based practice through attendance at these education sessions.

Special Care Nursery Educator

Our Special Care Nursery Educator provides education to the Special Care Nursery staff on topics such as ventilation and stabilisation of the newborn and neonate, the nursing role in intubation and critical intravenous access, and advanced resuscitation techniques. Education is also offered to midwives and emergency nurses as required.

Rosebud Nurse Educators

Rosebud Nurse Educators

Our Rosebud Educators support staff in the Emergency Department, general wards and the Rehabilitation Unit at Rosebud Hospital. Education is delivered via study days, in-services and workshops, recognising that each clinical area will have varying needs. These Educators provide clinical support and guidance to graduate nurse and nursing staff new to Rosebud Hospital.

Clinical Support Nurses

Clinical Support Nurses are responsible for supporting, guiding and educating new graduates and new staff to the organisation. They provide ongoing clinical support both on-ward and via study days, assisting graduates and new staff members to build confidence and clinical skills as new practitioners at Peninsula Health.