Occupational Therapy Graduate Program

Peninsula Health provides a number of opportunities for Occupational Therapy graduates across the health service.

About the program

Designed to provide you with opportunities to thrive, our general rotation program offers 14 rotations across acute, subacute and community, including three mental health rotations.

These positions are permanent with many graduates completing many of the 6-month rotations prior to progressing to Grade Two positions. Specialties within the rotation include orthopaedics, neurology, rehabilitation, geriatric evaluation and management and adult mental health.

The Mental Health service also now offers three 12-month graduate positions with a dedicated educator role to support your accelerated learning and career progression.

Permanent grade one positions are also offered in Hand Therapy, Children’s services, Transition Care and Community Outreach programs.

With excellent supervision and support in all our grade one positions your career will be off to a great start at Peninsula Health.