Leading the way in ultrasonography

With enhanced animation for realistic ultrasound training, the CAE Vimedix simulator allows our staff to become proficient in ultrasound through interactive, hands-on training.

Under the guidance and support of industry leaders, such as Dr Kavi Haji and Patricia O’Neill, Peninsula Health is at the forefront of inclusive training, ensuring that staff from various cohorts are offered innovative education and training opportunities that will further develop and expand their skillsets.  

Based in the Frankston Hospital’s ICU, the simulator allows medical staff and students to operate a machine that accurately mimics the technical process of an ultrasound on an anatomically correct mannequin; providing staff with an opportunity to learn the procedures and take their time practising without a patient present.  

Ultrasonography is a safe and accurate diagnostic tool. By implementing the process more widely, staff will be able to treat patients more efficiently and effectively.