Generous Donation Set to Give Local Children a Brighter Future

The Menzies donation of over $300,000 directly supports the appointment of a Paediatric Fellow for three years.

Weekly clinics, offering general paediatric and developmental and behavioural services, operate seamlessly without the need for separate GP referrals. Parents and teachers can refer children directly.

Since their inception in 2017, these school-based clinics have facilitated 7,613 appointments and 2,299 case conferences involving education staff, allied health professionals, and paediatricians.

Simon Blair, a Paediatrician at Peninsula Health, emphasises the importance of case conferences in fostering collaboration among professionals and promoting holistic child health and wellbeing.

“Case conferences enable paediatricians, teachers and allied health professionals to collaborate and discuss a child’s management, intervention strategies and progress. It allows for a multidisciplinary approach and encourages a holistic approach to the child’s health and wellbeing”, said Simon Blair, Peninsula Health Paediatrician.

The presence of school-based paediatric clinics on the Mornington Peninsula is providing invaluable specialist care to children and families from low socioeconomic backgrounds, ensuring access to services in a familiar setting and minimising disruptions to school attendance.