Debbie the Garden Guru

An empty flowerbed has inspired Debbie Davies, a team member working on ward 5FN at Frankston Hospital, to transform a forgotten patch of land into a flourishing display of flowers.

Noticing an absence of bright colour along one of Frankston Hospital’s main walkways, Debbie’s vision for what could be began to blossom, and with some excitement and determination she reached out to relevant departments to see what needed to be done to bring her vision to life.

“It only takes one person to think of an idea about the hospital before lots of people will agree and help,” says Debbie.

Debbie’s idea quickly evolved into a collaborative effort between herself and Peninsula Health’s Engineering and Maintenance team who worked together to prepare a design and construct two raised sleeper beds, allowing Debbie to spring into action.

Already a step ahead, Debbie contacted local suppliers to see if they could contribute to the garden bed. Burdetts answered the call, generously providing 2.5 meters of soil to lay the groundwork for the garden. Bunnings also contributed a wonderful $250 worth of greenery, allowing the project to take colourful roots and display a wide range of flora.

Throughout the summer months, the garden has begun to thrive. Its colourful display is already putting a smile on the faces of hundreds of people that walk by it every day.

The new flowerbed is an example of what can be achieved when a community comes together with purpose and passion, to support each other and flourish. It proves as an opportunity for our team members to embrace their passions and speak up with their ideas, as it may just break new ground.