Community Generosity: Enhancing Healthcare at Rosebud Hospital

Last year, Peninsula Health was the recipient of a remarkably generous donation of $50,000 from the Italian Senior Citizens of Rye. This contribution will be directed towards ensuring world-class care for local community members on the southern Mornington Peninsula, right on their doorstep.

With a 40-year history, the club convenes every Tuesday and Thursday, actively engaging in fundraising endeavours through various social events and activities. Nerina Berni, the Club President, expressed their dedication to supporting the local community by selecting Rosebud Hospital as the beneficiary of their fundraising efforts.

Jacqui Allen, Director of Nursing at Rosebud Hospital, conveyed profound gratitude for this unexpected act of kindness and generosity, recognising the potential this donation holds for enhancing their services.

Peninsula Health will allocate this generous gift towards enhancing the facilities at Rosebud Hospital, which serves both residents and visitors of the southern Mornington Peninsula. The funds will be directed towards procuring state-of-the-art equipment, aimed at improving patient outcomes and experiences while also facilitating significant enhancements in the delivery of care.