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  • Rosebud ED first point of call after boating accident

    Anna and her brother Liam. 

    When local optician Murray O’Brien’s teenage daughter injured her leg participating in Sail Melbourne, he decided to bypass the city hospitals and bring her straight to Rosebud Emergency Department.

    “It was quite windy and Anna capsized her boat,” explains Murray.

    “The boat has got a little metal venturi flap that lets the water out and it was open. She was sitting on top of the boat on its side and she slipped down and cut her leg on the venturi when the boat overturned.”

    It wasn’t until the Rosebud teenager had finished the race and taken off her wetsuit that she realised there was quite a lot of blood on her leg.

    “There was a huge gash, just above her ankle,” says Murray.

    “They did some first aid on it and said she’s going to have to go to hospital.”

    Murray made the decision ...

  • Six New Year’s Resolutions to make a reality in 2018

    Happy New Year!

    Here’s six easy yet important things to do to make 2018 your best year yet.

  • Make an Advanced Care Plan.
  • Advance care planning involves making a plan for future health and personal care should a person lose their decision-making capacity.  Advance care planning captures peoples’ values and wishes. It enables them to continue to influence treatment decisions, even when they can no longer actively participate. Although it may be a topic people prefer not to think about, it is an important thing to do to make sure you and your family are on the same page, should something happen. Read about Valma’s experience here.

  • Now Christmas is over it’s time to refresh your diet and focus on healthy eating.
  • Do you ever eat to the point you feel like you are going to be sick? It may be time to consider practising mindful eating. ...

  • Baby Jesse delivered safely after multiple complications

    Katie Elsegood is used to being the one caring for others in her role as a nurse at Frankston Hospital.

    However the tables were turned and Katie was the one being looked after, with multiple complications during her third pregnancy.

    “I had a very rare pregnancy condition called collastasis, which is when your liver doesn’t cope with the amount of hormones and you end up itching non-stop 24 hours a day – it was horrible,” recalls Katie.

    “It also has a higher rate of stillbirth. On top of that, he was also a smaller baby and at 32 weeks an ultrasound found I had a placenta abruption.”

    A placenta abruption can cause bleeding in the mother and may interfere with the baby’s supply of oxygen and nutrients.

    With so many complications, the Cranbourne mother says it was a relief to be looked after by the team at Frankston Hospital.

    “It was just ...

  • Stopping family violence on the Peninsula

    Mari Barry and her team have had great success in helping men stop their violent behaviour. 

    In the last year around 5,000 male perpetrators of family violence from the Bayside Peninsula catchment were referred to Peninsula Health’s family violence service. 

    “Demand continues to grow and it is expected to continue to grow as the profile of family violence is raised,” explains Mari Barry, Program Manager, Counselling and Family Violence at Peninsula Health.

    Through the Men’s Behaviour Change Program, the Family Violence team at Peninsula Health have had success in assisting men to take responsibility for their abusive behaviours, and build more positive relationships.

    “Research done by Monash University across the state, showed that 60% of men who had completed Men’s Behaviour Change Programs had not reoffended for up to two years post the programs,” explains Mari.

    The programs are research and evidence based and focus on assisting ...

  • Rosebud Hospital the first stop when this senior nurse’s family needs care

    Nurse practitioner Gail with Charlotte and Julie. 

    When Julie Richardson was a little girl, she’d often come to Rosebud Hospital to visit her Mum and Dad at work.

    Now, a few decades later, Julie is a senior nurse and Patient Services Manager at her parents’ former workplace. 

    Rosebud Hospital is also the first point of call, and shining light, when any of her family needs emergency care.

    Eight weeks ago it was her daughter Charlotte who needed help from her local hospital.

    “We have a rocky office chair in our house and I was watching Youtube and I fell,” explains nine-year-old Charlotte.

    “I tried to protect my head and I put my elbows down.”

    The impact of hitting the ground broke Charlotte’s arm.

    When she got to the Emergency Department, nurse practitioner Gail Van Summeren looked after Charlotte and the made the process of coming in to hospital not even ...

  • Careers at Peninsula Health: Q&A with Michelle Vuat

    Name: Michelle Vuat

    Role at Peninsula Health: Associate Nurse Unit Manager, Frankston Emergency Department

    How long have you worked at Frankston ED for?

    Seven years. I have completed my graduate year with Peninsula Health, as well as my post graduate certificate in Critical Care. I have also worked in the Intensive Care Unit.

    What does a typical shift in your role involve? Is there such a thing?

    Yes I would agree that no two days are the same in the Emergency Department, however there are some things we can predict. On average we will see over 200 patients a day and we have surges of patients at approximately the same times. In my role as the Associate Nurse Unit Manager, I work as the Floor Manager, managing the flow into and out of the Emergency Department. I work closely with the Consultant (doctor) in charge managing the flow and ...

  • New security presence at Rosebud Hospital, Golf Links Road and The Mornington Centre

    Jean Botha is one of the new Security Guards at The Mornington Centre.

    Security guards are now in place at Rosebud Hospital, Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Centre and The Mornington Centre.

    The increased security presence will play a vital role preventing and deescalating violent and aggressive situations, patrolling hospital grounds, escorting staff to their cars and responding to Code Grey calls and duress alarms, according to Fiona Reed, Executive Director of Nursing at Peninsula Health.

    “Our healthcare workers care for our patients at their most vulnerable, and they deserve to be safe and respected in the workplace,” says Fiona.

    “Occupational violence in health environments is a serious issue with the potential for tragic outcomes. No matter the situation, violence towards staff at Peninsula Health is never ok.”

    As well as security being increased, security guards now use wearable audio-visual recording devices. Security staff members have reported that ...

  • Eve shaves her head for cancer patients at Frankston Hospital

    This year, Balnarring mechanic Eve Cains-Hope asked her friends and family to get her something different for Christmas.

    In lieu of gifts, Eve instead requested they make a donation towards her shaving her head, with the proceeds going to the inpatient oncology ward at Frankston Hospital.

    “Every year for Christmas I try to do something to give to others – that’s what Christmas is supposed to be about, giving and happiness,” explains Eve.

    “Usually I just do something small like pay it forward by buying a gift for someone that might not have something for Christmas and this year I decided to do something that would reach a few more people.”

    “I wanted to support people who are struggling day to day with fighting cancer, which is why I decided to raise money for my local hospital.”

    Eve says her friends, family and workplace have all been incredibly supportive and have ...

  • Celebrating surgical research and endeavour at Peninsula Health

    At Peninsula Health, our surgical team are heavily involved in research so they can provide the very best care to the people of Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.

    Medical students, registrars and residents were recognised for their excellence in surgical research at the annual Surgical Symposium on 15 December.

    Congratulations to all of the Award recipients.

    The Professor Jonathan Serpell Prize for Research and Endeavour in Surgery 2017

    First prize winner

    Rachael Leung, medical student and 2018 intern at Peninsula Health

    Topic: Broadening our understanding of the perforasome concept: mapping the angiosomes of deep inferior epigastric artery perforators with computed tomographic angiography

    Rachael Leung, Associate Professor David Hunter-Smith, Director of Surgical Research and Professor Jonathan Serpell. 

    Second prize winner

    Dr Dasun Ganhewa, Masters of Surgery student 2017

    Topic: Complications of implant arthroplasty for basal thumb arthritis

    Dr Dasun Ganhewa, Associate Professor David Hunter-Smith and ...

  • Exciting times for research at Peninsula Health with major funding success

    Peninsula Health researchers have been successful in securing a number of funding grants, which will allow them to conduct important research into health issues affecting residents of Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.

    These conditions, which are highly prevalent in the Peninsula Health catchment, include stroke, heart attacks, diabetes and dementia.

    Congratulations to the below researchers for being awarded significant funding grants in these important areas.


    Dr Nadine Andrew, Senior Research Fellow in the Professorial Academic Unit has been awarded an NHMRC project grant ($556,000) as lead investigator for a study using comprehensive linked data to evaluate enhanced models of primary care in the management of people with stroke and other chronic diseases.

    Dr Andrew is also a chief investigator on another NHMRC project grant ($1.8 million) for a multinational effectiveness trial of an occupational therapy pre-discharge home visit package for patients with stroke.

    Professor of Medicine, Velandai Srikanth, is a ...