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Faces of Peninsula Health – Q&A with Dr Jennifer Ngan

Dr Jennifer Ngan is a medical intern at Peninsula Health. Q: What is your background? A: I studied a Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne prior to going into a Bachelor Medicine and Surgery at Deakin University. I completed my clinical medical years in rural south-west Victoria at Hamilton and Warrnambool. I hope […]

10 Tips and Tricks from an Intern year

By Dr Sophie Kinnear, 2018 Medical Intern at Peninsula Health.  Dr Kinnear is the recipient of the 2018 Intern Colleague’s Choice Award. For this award, interns and other colleagues vote for who they believe has been the most exceptional intern throughout the year. Dr Kinnear shares some of her key learnings and highlights of the […]

Treating the person, not the illness

The below blog is written by Dr Matthew Jakab, a Hospital Medical Officer in the Palliative Care Unit at Peninsula Health. As doctors we must ask ourselves, what is the point of medicine? We could give a trite answer of “to heal people”, yet that in itself seems quite superficial. Perhaps the better question is, […]

When the student becomes the teacher

‘The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.’ – Malcolm Forbes The following blog is written by Dr Anusha Jayasekera From day one of medical school, it is drummed into us that we have entered a lifelong profession of learning. This means that from the very beginning we are […]

From student to surgical intern – a world of change

The following blog is written by Dr Giselle Dela Cruz, a medical intern at Peninsula Health.  Medicine is a world of change. Headlines are born from the research that comes out of health professionals’ careers and every consultant has a story about how medicine was taught in their day. As health professionals, we live in […]

The Art of Cannulation

The following blog is written by Dr Kate van Berkel, a medical intern at Peninsula Health. “So how long have you been a doctor for?” Andy* asks, as I re-wash my hands and prepare to don a new set of sterile gloves. He needs a drip inserted so that he can have a CT scan, […]

The sacrifices and rewards of becoming a doctor

The below blog post is written by Dr Rachel Chan, a Hospital Medical Officer at Peninsula Health. As the intern year wound to an end, this blog post ‘10 things you need to give up to become a doctor’ caught my attention. I had been ruminating on much the same things as I commuted to […]

Moving to the country

The following blog is written by Dr Christie Bryant, a medical intern at Peninsula Health.  Usually, the most noticeable thing about Mr Hope* is his long white Santa-esque beard. Today however, it is the steady trickle of blood from his left leg down into his shoe. I start our conversation the way I always do […]

A better death

This blog is written by Dr Harmeen Kaur, a medical intern at Peninsula Health. I don’t have any answers for you today; all I have are questions.  Questions about what it means to die in a hospital and whether we, as medical professionals, can do anything differently.  I used to have such a romanticised notion […]

“I’m probably meeting you on one of the worst days of your life” – what it’s like to work as a junior doctor in the Emergency Department

This blog is written by Dr. Dan Bronsema, a medical intern at Peninsula Health. It’s 10pm on a Friday night. I’m nearing the end of my first evening shift. I pick up my next patient – an older lady who’s had a fall at home, knocking her head on the dresser. Her daughters are interstate […]