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Graduate Nurse Blog

  • As nurses, we need to look after ourselves so we can provide the best care to our patients

    Briesha with one of her patients.

    Hello all!

    Something that's been playing on my mind a lot lately is the judgement of others – not something that normally ever bothers me.

    We recently had a study day and during some of the study days the Chief Nurse comes and speaks to us. During this study day, we were reminded that we are six months into our dream job. She also prompted us and gave us time to think about whether we had become the nurses we had wanted to be seven months ago. My truthful answer was, sometimes.

    Since starting at Peninsula Health I've worked full time – 80 hours per fortnight. Some people might not think this is a lot but I was beginning to feel exhausted and a bit burnt out. I was beginning to not be excited to come to work – something ...

  • My first code blue medical emergency

    For myself and many other nurses planning out our day into a shift planner is basically our bible for the day! Sometimes it works out beautifully and everything is done on time, with nothing forgotten or delayed and other days...well, it just goes down the toilet. This is okay though, because as they say nursing is a 24 hour profession and sometimes we can't help what prevents us from getting things done. For me, I can pretty much guarantee I'll be lying awake at night if I don't do a set of observations (blood pressure, heart rate, temperature) at the beginning and end of my shift or don't shower someone. This is almost a quite naive way of thinking though because a patient’s condition can deteriorate within seconds. On this particular shift I was having a "cruisy" day, my 0800 observations and ...

  • From Emergency Nursing to Nursing on the Wards

    It's been awhile since you've heard from me – unfortunately full time work has been getting the best of me.

    Since my last blog I have finished my rotation in the Emergency Department and moved to a new ward. It would be a lie to say I don't miss ED because I am a creature of habit and don't particularly enjoy change.

    However I cannot say that I wasn't excited to move wards, because it meant an opportunity to be exposed to a different group of patients and therefore many new challenges and learning experiences.

    My new ward is a Respiratory and Renal ward, and is also the base for infectious diseases, and general medical patients. This can mean on a daily basis I am caring for a wide variety of patients with many different needs.

    On the ward we have dialysis patients who can receive this on the ward ...

  • Life lessons I’ve learnt as a graduate nurse

    I would like to tell you all about one of the most challenging situations I've experienced in my career so far, as well as some important life lessons and realisations.

    It is true what they say that it’s easier to dwell on the bad things and forget the good, or even worse, the question that haunts you at night, "Could I have done something more for my patient?". Now, to paint a picture for you all, I would not describe myself as an emotional person, though my boyfriend would probably say I cry a lot (even if it is only over a sad movie). Well I think I have proved him wrong (not that it’s a bad thing to cry), as I am yet to cry at work, after work, or anywhere in between, though there have been many times when I thought I might. This is ...

  • The challenges of nursing

    As you are all aware my first rotation has been in the Emergency Department (ED). Though I had already experienced what it was like to work in the ED during a four week placement as a student, I am still in a state of awe over the amazing amount of effort and knowledge that every single member of staff here at Frankston possess.

    As emergency nurses and doctors, it can be easy to become desensitised to events and activities that everyday people may consider "scary" or impossible to deal with emotionally.

    We see and deal with these events many times a day and occasionally we can forget that these scenes may be shocking or abnormal for family members. 

    These thoughts first occurred to me when I was taking a set of observations on an elderly gentleman – a task that I routinely do more than 20 times per shift. ...

  • My first three weeks as a graduate nurse

    Hello again! Hopefully the first blog wasn't too much of a bore because I think this one will be the biggest help to all the nursing students out there. This blog will track my first three weeks at Peninsula Health.

    First day nerves

    Waking up I wasn't nervous, the most exciting part of the morning was putting on my navy blue scrubs. When I arrived at the hospital I felt like something was wrong with me, I didn't feel anything, I think I was in shock and nothing felt real.

    Everyone else was very excitedly chatting away or almost in tears with nerves, but to me none of it felt real – it had taken four years and I was finally starting my full time job in my dream career.

    Although I wouldn’t be looking after any patients until Friday – after I had done three days of intensive ...

  • Briesha’s journey to becoming a graduate nurse

    Hello all!

    My name is Briesha (pronounced Brie-sha) and I am one of sixty new graduate nurses at Peninsula Health.

    Let me start by saying what a pleasure it is to have the opportunity to write this blog and share my adventures, my daily struggles and fears, as well as my triumphs and achievements over the next 12 months as I grow from a student nurse into a confident, yet novice registered nurse at Peninsula Health.

    To assert that this journey has been an easy one would be an immense understatement. So far it has taken me four years and over 800 hours of unpaid clinical work to get to where I am – not to mention the amount of assignments, hair pulling and tears along the way.

    My story began back when I was only three years old. My sister was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and spent ...