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Graduate Nurse Blog

  • Faces of Peninsula Health – Q&A with Abby Filliponi

    Registered nurse Abby Filliponi has worked at Peninsula Health for eight years, progressing her career with Perioperative and Emergency postgraduate studies. 

    Name: Abby Filliponi

    Job Title: Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Postgraduate stream:  Perioperative (2019), Emergency (2016)

    Institution studied with: La Trobe University, Monash University

    Q: What motivated you to enrol in postgraduate studies?

    A: I knew studying the perioperative course would enable me to become more confident throughout all areas of theatre. I was eager to learn more about each surgery, which would ensure I was able to provide the best care to my patients.

    Q: Can you describe a part of your course when you remember having that ‘lightbulb’ moment?

    A:  I remember having multiple light bulb moments. A majority of them were while learning about how involved each surgery was. I found I was able to better relate to how much pain my patients usually experience post operatively. Understanding the mechanisms behind the ...

  • Faces of Peninsula Health – Q&A with Andrew Hindmarsh

    Graduate nurse Andrew Hindmarsh puts the welcoming environment at Peninsula Health down to the "friendly, approachable, and supportive" staff.

    Name: Andrew Hindmarsh

    Job Title: Registered Nurse

    Stream: Graduate Nurse Program General Stream

    Q: Why did you decide to complete your graduate year at Peninsula Health?

    A: During my studies I was fortunate enough to have had 15 weeks of placement with Peninsula Health, while being employed with another major health service. I found Peninsula Health staff were friendly, approachable, and supportive to their colleagues as well as myself as a student at the time. I appreciated the culture, and particularly how welcoming the people were to newcomers in the profession. The other major drawing point for me was the number of graduate rotations. I wanted to experience various areas of nursing during my graduate year, so Peninsula Health providing three rotations interested me. For example, this year I have rotations in ...

  • Faces of Peninsula Health – Q&A with Whitney Elliott

    Whitney Elliott says she landed her "dream job" as a graduate nurse at Peninsula Health.

    Name: Whitney Elliott

    Job Title: Graduate Registered Nurse

    Stream: General Nursing Stream

    Q: Why did you decide to complete your graduate year at Peninsula Health?

    A: I have wanted to work for Peninsula Health since I was 10 years old. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a nurse and when it came to finding the dream job, Frankston Hospital was my first and second choice. I grew up and went to school on the Peninsula, so to land a graduate year at Peninsula Health felt like a dream come true. I always wanted to care for the community I was raised in, and nursing in the heart of Frankston is everything I had hoped for.

    Q: What has been a highlight of your graduate year?

    A: I have loved my Graduate year ...

  • Faces of Peninsula Health – Q&A with Sena Ahadzi

    Graduate nurse Sena Ahadzi can recall many highlights during her first year with Peninsula Health. 

    Name: Sena Ahadzi

    Job Title: Graduate Nurse and Midwife

    Stream: Dual Degree Graduate Year

    Q: Why did you decide to complete your graduate year at Peninsula Health?

    A: I decided to complete my grad year with Peninsula Health because even though I had been placed at various hospitals as a student, the staff at Peninsula Health were always extremely welcoming and warm, not only with each other but to their students and visitors. The continuous support, compassion and consideration for each other was (and still is) overwhelmingly encouraging and I always wished to be a part of the team.

    Q: What has been a highlight of your graduate year?

    A: The highlights of my Grad Year here have been so many, but I fondly remember my very worst day ending with such positivity, consequently encouraging ...

  • Faces of Peninsula Health – Q&A with Erin Duffy

    Erin Duffy is a Mental Health Graduate Nurse at Peninsula Health.

    Name: Erin Duffy

    Job Title: Registered Nurse

    Stream: Mental Health

    Q: Why did you decide to complete your graduate year at Peninsula Health?

    A: After I completed my studies in Queensland and decided to move to Melbourne for my graduate year, I chose Peninsula Health based on the research I had conducted into hospitals in the area. Knowing that I wanted to enter a Mental Health graduate year, I saw that Peninsula Health offered a comprehensive program that fosters high-quality care in a range of diverse areas. Peninsula Health’s values also coincided with my personal values, namely a collaborative workplace that strives in excellence and career progression.

    Q: What has been a highlight of your graduate year?

    A: The highlight of my graduate year has been working with the most amazing team of professionals who ...

  • A passion for compassion drives mental health case manager Cameron to greater heights

    This blog is written by Cameron Marshman, a Mental Health Case Manager at Peninsula Health.

    Hello all,

    Most nurses upon finishing their undergraduate degrees complete a graduate year program with various rotations in order to consolidate and expand their skills and knowledge. Those who enter into mental health often complete a further year as a post-graduate student. This also allows for the completion of post-graduate studies, to at least a graduate diploma level, required for work within Mental Health.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my first year as a graduate nurse with rotations in the Acute Aged Inpatient Unit and the newly built Psychiatric Assessment and Planning Unit (PAPU). These rotations really provided a strong foundation as I have moved forward with my career.

    My second year of work as a mental health nurse only opened my eyes and mind further. I was fortunate to be able to participate in the unique ...

  • An insight into being a graduate mental health nurse on the Adult Acute Inpatient Unit

    This blog is written by Erin Duffy, a Mental Health Graduate Nurse at Peninsula Health.

    Hi everyone,

    I write this having just spent the first year of my adult nursing career as a Graduate Registered Nurse, based in the specialty area of Mental Health at Peninsula Health’s Adult Acute Inpatient Unit.

    The Mental Health Graduate program is unique to other graduate programs because it offers two rotations in one year. These rotations could be across a number of areas, including the Psychiatric Assessment and Planning Unit, Adult Inpatient Unit, and the Aged Persons Inpatient and Residential Units.  

    When you are a student in the Mental Health Graduate Program at Peninsula Health, more rotations are to come in your second year. All the while, you are continuing your studies towards a Master of Mental ...

  • Advice for new Graduate Nurses, from a Graduate Nurse

    This blog is written by Melanie Challen, a 2019 Graduate Nurse at Peninsula Health.

    Well, my last contribution to the Graduate Nurse Blog was during my first rotation on 5GN – everyone had told me that the Graduate Year will fly by but I was finding that a bit tricky to believe. Juggling the challenges of a completely new occupation, a new home and new colleagues and friends seemed to make each week drag on by… but now it’s safe to say that the rest of the year has flown. Since my last blog I completed my rotation in 5GN, completed my rotation through Port Phillip Ward and commenced my final rotation in the Emergency Department – I am LOVING being a Registered Nurse.

    Now, as I reach the pointy end of my Graduate Year I have had time to reflect ...

  • Transitioning from the Emergency Department to a fast-paced Surgical ward.

    The below blog is written by Bianca Roadknight, a graduate nurse at Peninsula Health.

    Wow, it has been 6 months since I wrote my first blog! I had spoken to previous graduate nurses before I started who had all said this year would fly but I suppose I didn’t understand just how fast it would!!

    To update on the last 6 months, I finished my first rotation in Rosebud Emergency in the beginning of June. It felt like I learnt more in that first 4 months, than I did throughout my entire degree! It was amazing to finally be able to start putting the theoretical knowledge from university together with the practical aspect of actually working as a nurse. I loved my first rotation but as sad as I was to leave, I was excited to move onto the next adventure: Orthopaedics on Port Phillip Ward, Frankston ...

  • Becoming a mental health nurse

    This blog is written by Cameron Marshman, a Mental Health Graduate Nurse at Peninsula Health.

    Hello all,

    Finishing your undergraduate degree the first thing you really want to achieve is to just get a job. However, once you breathe that sigh of relief the real challenges, opportunities and growth begins.

    The Mental Health Graduate Nurse program is slightly unique with a couple of points of difference. Firstly, rotations occur over two years and secondly you are enrolled in a Masters in Mental Health.

    During my first year I rotated through two inpatient units, Acute Aged and the newly built Psychiatric Assessment and Planning Unit (PAPU). Each offered a unique experience, allowed me to consolidate three years of undergraduate knowledge and really begin to develop an appreciation and understanding for the role and complexity of mental health nursing.

    This year has meant further consolidation and expansion of knowledge as ...