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Community Health

  • How Health Promotion is making a difference in our community

    Peninsula Health's Health Promotion team visits The Briars in Mount Martha.

    This blog was written by Belinda Tascone, a Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

    What is Health Promotion?

    Health Promotion work focuses on preventing ill-health or injury, by taking action to improve the health and wellbeing of the whole population (rather than individuals) before the onset of illness or injury.

    The Health Promotion team at Peninsula Heath are guided by the Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2019–2023, which focuses on the key areas listed below. Peninsula Health’s Health Promotion Team focuses on some of these areas across the community in places like schools, sporting clubs and within our very own workplace at Peninsula Health.

    • Tackling climate change and its impact on health
    • Reducing injury
    • Preventing all forms of violence
    • Increasing healthy eating
    • Decreasing the risk of drug resistant infections in the community
    • Increasing active living
    • Improving mental wellbeing
    • Improving sexual and reproductive health
    • Reducing tobacco-related harm
    • Reducing harmful ...
    • Routine, connection and space: Staying healthy when working from home

      When working from home it's important to invest in daily rituals to help separate work and personal time.

      This blog was written by Madeline Tatham, a Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

      2020 has been chaotic and unexpected year so far.

      Like countless employees across many organisations, our health promotion team has transitioned to working from home (WFH) for this ever-changing period of Covid-19. 

      We have come across some great advice, coming from a wide range of reliable sources. We've also been hearing many useful tips, as they're shared among shared colleagues, friends and family.

      As this is now the new normal for many of us, we want to share some of our learnings to help you prioritise your health and wellbeing during this evolving time.

      Working from home with others in the house

      When it comes to WFH, many of us will find that we need to share a work space ...

    • Frankston Preschool recognised as a health promoting early childhood service

      This blog was written by Madeline Tatham, a Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

      Frankston Preschool has become just the second early childhood service in the Frankston-Mornington Peninsula region as of January this year, to accomplish all six Achievement Program health priority areas.

      For this it’s received State Government recognition as a health promoting early childhood service.

      Health Promotion has supported the preschool with activities including, reviewing and updating their mental health and wellbeing and tobacco, alcohol and other drugs policies to align with Achievement Program requirements, and signing on to the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula SmokeFree Charter.

      The preschool which is a Community Kinders Plus service, registered with the Achievement Program back in 2013, and has been working hard at it ever since.

      One of the best things about the Achievement Program is that there is no time frame, schedule or order, within which the priority ...

    • Tennis club creates a welcoming environment for LGBTIQ community

      This blog was written by Chris Kirkpatrick, Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.  

      Sporting clubs can create a powerful ripple effect far beyond the playing field for LGBTIQ people and their allies. There are strategies clubs can adopt to make everyone; the players, the umpires, the volunteers and the spectators, feel that they belong and can freely participate. 

      Together with the Belvedere Park Tennis Club, Frankston City Council and LGBTIQ social group ‘Out on the Peninsula’, we celebrated Midsumma with a tennis and picnic day in Seaford.

      “We have created a safe and inclusive place for the rainbow community to come along and have some fun,” says Kerry Scott, President of Belvedere Park Tennis Club.

      “It’s a fantastic tennis club and we want to show our support for the LGBTIQ community, their families and their allies.”

      The LGBTIQ community make up ...

    • The Community Plate

      This blog was written by Nikki Hale, Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

      The Community Plate is a local collaboration looking for ways to make better connections between our local community and healthy food. It can be hard to keep our body, environment, and community healthy when we are surrounded by unhealthy food a lot of the time.

      “Poor diets are bigger than an individual problem. Poor diets affect our health, our environment, our local economy and our health care system. What we eat is influenced by more than choice and includes how we make, grow, access, buy and consume foods,” says Councillor Michael O’Reilly, Frankston City Council.

      The Community Plate is on a mission to find ways to connect more people in our community with fresh, healthy food. Eating fresh, healthy food helps us to be ...

    • Success of trials to increase healthy options at local leisure centres

      This blog is written by Evangelia Nikolitsis and Andie Murphy, Health Promotion Practitioners at Peninsula Health.

      Unhealthy food and drinks are often the most heavily promoted and readily available, and this is something we are working to change at local leisure centres. Together with our local Councils, Frankston City and Mornington Peninsula Shire, and the local Primary Care Partnership, we supported a number of leisure centres to increase healthier food and drink options at their canteens and kiosks.

      Over the past two years, participating leisure centres have ran a number of trials focusing on different ways to increase the display, promotion and options of healthier foods and drinks for sale. Working with the centres throughout the trials, we evaluated their menus and sales data, and found many positive results.

      It is great to see that the more trials being conducted, the greater the confidence ...

    • Local Primary School Kids have their say on smoking

      This blog is written by Belinda Tascone, Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

      On Wednesday the 11th of December 2019, Peninsula Health and Frankston City Council hosted a celebration event to acknowledge the success of the Smoke Free PA System Project, and to thank local Frankston Primary School students for their involvement in the project. The celebration was held at George Pentland Botanic Gardens, with a certificate and healthy gift bags presented to the students by Peninsula Health Chief Executive, Felicity Topp.  Following this, the students celebrated with a healthy morning tea back at the school, to share the success of the project with their fellow grade 6 pupils.

      Recordings of student voices, with short ‘smoke free’ messages, were played on the PA system outside the main entrance of Frankston Hospital at different time intervals throughout October – November 2019. A team of researchers monitored and analysed CCTV ...

    • Breakthrough in connecting community with healthier options

      On Monday the 2nd of September, Peninsula Health and Monash Health hosted the first ever South East Food and Drink Expo. The expo saw 10 food distribution companies set up their own stalls and provide samples of the healthier food and drink options that they can offer to food vendors. Attendees included people from sport and recreation organisations, schools, local cafes and local cafeterias in our hospitals. Attendees learnt about the local distribution companies that have healthier food and drink options available, as well as the Victorian Government Healthy Choice Guidelines.

      Local organisations who were already working towards healthier options in their food service area gave examples of what they had achieved so far. Various ideas were shared from their journeys towards increasing the availability of healthier options for their customers. One of the panellists described how parents of a young boy now ...

    • Somers Primary – A healthy school community receives recognition

      Pictured: Tope Adepoyibi Head of Achievement Program, Somers Primary School students and Kristen Young, Health Promotion Practitioner, Peninsula Health.

       This blog is written by Kristen Young, Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

      Somers Primary School’s hard work towards creating a healthy school environment paid off last term when students excitedly welcomed Head of the Achievement Program Tope Adepoyibi, Mornington Peninsula Mayor David Gill, State Member for Nepean Chris Brayne and myself, Kristen Young from the Health Promotion Team at Peninsula Health – to their school assembly.

      Somers Primary School was delighted to receive recognition from the Achievement Program for their efforts to promote Healthy Eating and Oral Health.

      This ambitious school has implemented several healthy eating initiatives, but by far my favourite is their weekly produce stall, run by students, which sells produce from their thriving kitchen garden. ...

    • Kids get into the garden as part of healthy eating education

      This blog is written by Peninsula Health, Health Promotion Practitioner Madeline Tatham.

      Congratulations to Capel Sounds Educational Child Care Centre and Kindergarten in Tootgarook! The Centre has recently put into place some amazing ideas to create a healthy environment for their children, staff and families. With a focus on promoting healthy eating, the children love to spend time in their thriving kitchen garden, planting seeds, caring for plants and harvesting fresh produce. A favourite activity for the children is preparing delicious food with the fresh produce from their garden. “I like tasting new things from our garden,” says Oliver who attends the Centre.

      Capel Sounds Educational Child Care Centre began their journey to become a health promoting early childhood setting in 2017, when they registered with the Achievement Program – a Victorian best practice framework that supports early childhood services, schools and workplaces to become healthy settings. ...