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  • Careers at Peninsula Health: Q&A with Meagan Walpole

    Name: Meagan Walpole

    Job: Midwife, Women’s Health Unit, Frankston Hospital

    Meagan provides a behind the scenes look at the role of midwives on the Women’s Health Unit at Frankston Hospital.

    What does a typical day/shift in your role involve?

    A day on the Women’s Health Unit (WHU) starts with being allocated to a particular area/role for the shift. Shifts range from providing one-on-one care to a labouring woman, caring for families in the immediate postpartum period, being present to receive babies born via caesarean section and tending to women who have come to the ward with concerns in their pregnancy. On a busy day I might be required in some, or even all of these roles. The nature of the day can be sometimes very challenging, but it is always immensely satisfying!   

    Why did you decide to pursue a career as a midwife? 

    As a child, I was always completely and utterly fascinated ...

  • Careers at Peninsula Health: Q&A with Erin Robinson

    Name: Erin Robinson

    Job: Emergency Department Nurse and Walker Ward Nurse

    Location: Rosebud Hospital

    What does a typical day/shift in your role involve?

    I work across the General Medicine Ward and Emergency Department (ED) at Rosebud Hospital – therefore each day is as different and challenging as the next. One day I can be helping people with general health care as part of a diverse team of nursing, medical and allied health staff, in the hope of getting patients back to a healthy status where they are able to go home. Another day I can be working with a great medical and nursing team in providing potentially lifesaving emergency health.

    What do like best about your job?

    In Nursing, especially hospital based, we often see people and their families on some of their worst days. It's a privilege to be able to make even a small difference to their experience in what ...

  • Careers at Peninsula Health: Q&A with Troy Gedye

    Name: Troy Gedye

    Job title: Emergency Department (ED) Ward Clerk

    How long have you worked at Peninsula Health? 

    I started at Peninsula Health at the end of 2012, but I didn't start in ED until March 2013. So this is my fourth year now in ED.

    What does a typical day/shift in your role involve?

    As ward clerks, we have three major job roles and many other additional duties. We sit out at triage next to the nurse and collect clerical details (including the creation on TAC and Workcover claims), answer enquiries about waiting times and pass on critical information to the nursing staff. We do a similar role inside the department, but with patients who have arrived via ambulance; we also assist the nurses, doctors and patients with many enquiries. Our other role is to complete all admissions electronically to the wards, run the Emergency Short Stay Ward and ...

  • Careers at Peninsula Health: Q&A with mental health nurse Elisabeth White

    Elisabeth White was the recipient of the 2016 Award of Excellence for the graduate Mental Health program at Peninsula Health. She shares why she decided to pursue a career in mental health nursing and some of the challenges and rewards of her graduate year.

    1. Why did you decide to study nursing and specialise in mental health?

    My partner has had chronic depression for most of our marriage and my eldest daughtered suffered severe anorexia nervosa for a number of years, being in and out of mental health services. These experiences gave me a passion to work more acutely in the health services field. I have also spent a number of years helping with suicide prevention and support of the LGBTIQ community in Australia, one of our most vulnerable populations. This passion for mental health nursing grew even more when I undertook my mental health placement as ...

  • Careers at Peninsula Health: Q&A with Thomas Williams

    Thomas Williams shares what it's like to work in the IT Department at Peninsula Health and what he enjoys most about his role.

    Name: Thomas Williams

    Job title: Database Administrator

    1) What does a typical day in your job at Peninsula Health involve?

    My work is really varied, depending on what’s going on in the IT department and Peninsula Health. My daily responsibilities as part of the Application Support team in IT include monitoring apps for problems, checking ServiceDesk Plus (our help desk system) for issues logged by staff, fixing issues, implementing new apps, consulting in my area of expertise, going to meetings and documenting stuff (not my favorite). As Database Administrator, I look after the data stored by apps, working with staff and vendors to keep things running smoothly.

    2) How long have you been in your current role and how did you move into that position?

    I’ve been at Peninsula ...