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  • Taking a closer look at injuries during the pandemic

    A lengthy pause on outdoor adult and junior sport competitions in Victoria has impacted the number of sporting injuries in 2020.

    Researchers are investigating changes to injury patterns during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The in-depth audit will examine those treated at Peninsula Health’s Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery Unit at Frankston Hospital over a six-month period this year, to see which injuries have been most prevalent among patients.

    “Plastic surgery units around the world have reported changes in injury patterns,” says Mr Marc Seifman, the study’s lead investigator and a Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon across multiple Victorian health services.

    “What we have been seeing particularly here in Australia is home-based injury rates increasing, including home handyman and construction injuries.”

    “Home has become the workplace, it’s become the classroom, it’s changed the way we do business and it’s changed the way we live our lives at this point in time.”

    With Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions changing the way communities spend their time, Mr Seifman says there ...

  • How clinical trials have shaped modern medicine

    Members of the ICU research team. 

    Did you know the first clinical trial took place in 1747?

    May 20 is International Clinical Trials Day.

    It commemorates the day James Lind started his study to determine the cause of scurvy. By dividing 12 sailors into separate groups and testing the effect of providing different treatments to each group, Lind was able to provide evidence of the link between fruit and preventing scurvy. This is the first recorded controlled clinical trial and changed modern medicine. Around the world International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of clinical trials and research in healthcare. 

    The role of clinical trials in modern medicine

    Most modern medical treatments are a direct result of clinical research. New treatments for most diseases and conditions — including cancer, leukaemia, heart disease, high blood pressure and asthma — have been developed through ...

  • Leaps and Bounds into translation of the research findings – lessons learned from a UK trip

    This blog is written by Cylie Williams.

    I’m the Allied Health Research Lead at Peninsula Health and hold a research position at Monash University. My background is paediatric podiatry, and I was fortunate to recently receive funding from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Early Career Research Fellowship, and a Monash University Advancing Women’s Research Grant, to travel to the UK for study and a conference.

    There is a great research project at the moment in the UK between two universities called Great Foundations. This research attracted £1.5M of funding and is changing what we know about children’s foot development, what messages are given to the public about children’s foot health and how we ensure that the messages and practices are in line with the latest research.

    My first stop was at the Eastbourne Campus of the University of Brighton. The team were so welcoming and ...

  • Investigating exercises for people living with Parkinson’s disease

    This blog is written by Fleur Terrens, a physiotherapist within the Movement Disorders Program at Peninsula Health.

    I am currently completing a research project on different types of pool based and land based exercises for people living with Parkinson’s disease on the Mornington Peninsula. I have recently been fortunate enough to be awarded the LSVT student small grant award to assist with getting this project up and running.

    My project is looking at whether different types of pool or land exercises can improve balance and reduce the likelihood of falls within the Parkinson’s disease population.

    More than 70% of people with Parkinson’s disease have falls. A third of these falls result in serious injury.

    The burden of care of Parkinson’s disease in the final stages is on par with dementia and terminal cancer. There is also an unmeasurable social burden for those with Parkinson’s disease and their family.

    Therefore it ...

  • Research at Peninsula Health – exciting times ahead!

    This blog is written by Professor of Medicine, Velandai Srikanth. 

    As the Professor of Medicine, it is my pleasure to be the first to contribute to the new Research Blog for Peninsula Health! It gives me a great opportunity to provide you with a glimpse into the range of exciting areas of health research in which staff at Peninsula Health are involved, particularly in the fields of chronic disease and ageing health – the two big areas of health priority for our community.

    For example, did you know that a team of respiratory physicians at Frankston Hospital are leading the way in testing a new type of therapy for asthma? Some patients have extremely severe, chronic and recurrent asthma which can be very difficult to treat with usual medical treatments. Associate Professor David Langton and his team are studying whether a medical procedure called bronchial thermoplasty may help ...