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  • Faces of Peninsula Health – Q&A with Dr Mikaela Brusasco

    Dr Mikaela Brusasco is a medical intern at Peninsula Health. 

    Q: What is your background?

    A:  I completed an undergraduate degree in Biomedicine and then a postgraduate degree in Medicine, both at the University of Melbourne. I paid my way through university doing part-time hospitality jobs, including one where my job was to bake the treats at a café!

    Q: What does your current role involve?

    A: I am currently working in the Emergency Department (ED) at Rosebud Hospital. It’s a really interesting experience being the first point of contact for patients, providing them with reassurance and investigating their symptoms. I have seen a wide range of presentations which has really helped with my clinical skills.

    Q: Why did you decide to do you intern year at Peninsula Health?

    A:  I didn’t have much experience of Peninsula Health before I came here. I came along to ...

  • The Community Plate

    This blog was written by Nikki Hale, Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

    The Community Plate is a local collaboration looking for ways to make better connections between our local community and healthy food. It can be hard to keep our body, environment, and community healthy when we are surrounded by unhealthy food a lot of the time.

    “Poor diets are bigger than an individual problem. Poor diets affect our health, our environment, our local economy and our health care system. What we eat is influenced by more than choice and includes how we make, grow, access, buy and consume foods,” says Councillor Michael O’Reilly, Frankston City Council.

    The Community Plate is on a mission to find ways to connect more people in our community with fresh, healthy food. Eating fresh, healthy food helps us to be ...

  • Advice for new Graduate Nurses, from a Graduate Nurse

    This blog is written by Melanie Challen, a 2019 Graduate Nurse at Peninsula Health.

    Well, my last contribution to the Graduate Nurse Blog was during my first rotation on 5GN – everyone had told me that the Graduate Year will fly by but I was finding that a bit tricky to believe. Juggling the challenges of a completely new occupation, a new home and new colleagues and friends seemed to make each week drag on by… but now it’s safe to say that the rest of the year has flown. Since my last blog I completed my rotation in 5GN, completed my rotation through Port Phillip Ward and commenced my final rotation in the Emergency Department – I am LOVING being a Registered Nurse.

    Now, as I reach the pointy end of my Graduate Year I have had time to reflect ...

  • Success of trials to increase healthy options at local leisure centres

    This blog is written by Evangelia Nikolitsis and Andie Murphy, Health Promotion Practitioners at Peninsula Health.

    Unhealthy food and drinks are often the most heavily promoted and readily available, and this is something we are working to change at local leisure centres. Together with our local Councils, Frankston City and Mornington Peninsula Shire, and the local Primary Care Partnership, we supported a number of leisure centres to increase healthier food and drink options at their canteens and kiosks.

    Over the past two years, participating leisure centres have ran a number of trials focusing on different ways to increase the display, promotion and options of healthier foods and drinks for sale. Working with the centres throughout the trials, we evaluated their menus and sales data, and found many positive results.

    It is great to see that the more trials being conducted, the greater the confidence ...

  • Faces of Peninsula Health: Q&A with Carol Gore

    Name: Carol Gore

    Job title: Stroke Nurse Practitioner

    Q: How long have you worked at Peninsula Health?  

    A: Over 30 years

    Q: What is your background?

    A: I originally worked at The Mount Eliza Centre as a Patient Services Assistant. The Director of Nursing encouraged me to study to be a Registered Nurse. I completed my initial nursing training at Epworth Hospital and later returned to work at Peninsula Health as an ANUM. I then completed a transition to a Bachelor of Nursing Degree through Monash University. I was doing further postgraduate studies in stroke when Peninsula Health approached me to become a Nurse Practitioner Candidate. I then completed a Masters of Health Science (Stroke Management Specialisation) through the University of Newcastle. I included several specific Nurse Practitioner subjects in my study through collaboration with Monash University and was endorsed as a Nurse Practitioner by AHPRA in 2012. I ...

  • Local Primary School Kids have their say on smoking

    This blog is written by Belinda Tascone, Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

    On Wednesday the 11th of December 2019, Peninsula Health and Frankston City Council hosted a celebration event to acknowledge the success of the Smoke Free PA System Project, and to thank local Frankston Primary School students for their involvement in the project. The celebration was held at George Pentland Botanic Gardens, with a certificate and healthy gift bags presented to the students by Peninsula Health Chief Executive, Felicity Topp.  Following this, the students celebrated with a healthy morning tea back at the school, to share the success of the project with their fellow grade 6 pupils.

    Recordings of student voices, with short ‘smoke free’ messages, were played on the PA system outside the main entrance of Frankston Hospital at different time intervals throughout October – November 2019. A team of researchers monitored and analysed CCTV ...

  • Faces of Peninsula Health – Q&A with Lisa Taylor

    Name: Lisa Taylor

    Job title: Oncology/Haematology Nurse Practitioner

    Q: How long have you worked at Peninsula Health?  

    A: I have worked in the Chemotherapy Day Unit since 2003.

    Q: What is your background?

    A: After completing Hospital Training at Box Hill Hospital 1991, I completed my graduate year with a rotation on the medical oncology ward and I knew I wanted to become a cancer nurse. I worked overseas from 1995-2003 at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre. In numerous roles, Staff Nurse Acute Haematology, Stem Cell Transplant, Nurse Clinician (Oncology) and Education Co-Ordinator. On return to Australia I have worked as a Clinical Nurse Consultant since 2003 and always wanted to be able to provide a service where patients did not have to wait for assessment and decisions. I interviewed and was successful in the Oncology Nurse Practitioner Candidate role at Peninsula Health, which was a ...

  • Faces of Peninsula Health – Q & A with long-serving staff member Patsy Smith

    Patsy Smith (centre) with Executive Directors Associate Professor Vikas Wadhwa and Fiona Reed at the Service Award Ceremony. 

    This month Patsy Smith was presented with an extraordinary 45 year Service Milestone Award at the Service Award Ceremony.

    Q: What do you do?

    A: I am a Mothercraft Nurse and I work on the ward in the Women’s Health Unit. I introduce myself and my role to the mothers as being able to help with anything to do with your babies! I educate and assist new parents in those early days after delivery on nappy changing, dressing and undressing babe, bathing and breast or bottle feeding. I give the daily breast feeding talk on the ward where all mothers are able to attend and ask any questions that they may have with their babies.

    Q: What do you like most in your job?

    A: Love a good cuddle ...

  • Faces of Peninsula Health: Meet Kristi Schneider

    Every month a former patient puts $25 cash in an envelope and has a friend drop it in to the Frankston Integrated Health Centre reception. Kristi Schneider, Fundraising Coordinator, posts the man a receipt with a personal thank you every time. “I give every donor a receipt and a handwritten thank you,” explains Kristi. “My appreciation is sincere, whether they are giving $5 or $200.”

    As well as managing donations and the donor database, Kristi is the first point of contact for all donors. “Donations arriving in the post often come with dried flowers or long notes about why they are donating – usually because they’ve had such good care from our staff,” says Kristi. “When I talk to donors over the phone they tell me about medical issues, family members, divorces and all sorts of personal things.”

    A Hastings resident and mother to two teenagers, Rylee and ...

  • Q&A with Dr Stuart Marshall

    Dr Stuart Marshall, Anaesthetist, Director of Clinical Training and Intern Training, Medical Director of the Simulation Centre.

    Q: What do you do?

    A: I have a diverse role here, as an anaesthetist, Director of Clinical Training and Intern Training and Medical Director of the Simulation Centre. In all of these roles I’m involved in the education of junior and sometimes senior medical staff, nurses and allied health staff.

    Q: What do you like most in your job?

    A: Lately I’ve been around and about on the wards doing ‘in-situ’ simulation scenarios for both education and to work out how we can improve our processes to ultimately improve the safety and efficiency of the care we provide.

    Q: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

    A: As well as being an anaesthetist, I also have a PhD in psychology and am interested in how health professionals cope – ...