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How physios help people recover from stroke

Physiotherapist Evelyn with Toni, who is recovering from a stroke. The following blog was written by David McKenzie, Physiotherapist, Frankston Community Rehabilitation Program, Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Centre.   Recovering from a stroke can be an immense challenge.  From complete independence: going to work; running a household; gardening; travelling, playing sport; driving a car, to […]

Faces of Peninsula Health: Q&A with Dr Anjali Khushu

Dr Anjali Khushu is the Head of Geriatric Medicine at Peninsula Health. She joined Peninsula Health in 2008 after working as a Consultant Geriatrician at Monash Health. She shares what she enjoys most about her role at Peninsula Health and has some important health tips.  Q: Why did you decide to specialise in geriatric medicine? […]

Faces of Peninsula Health: Q&A with Jessie Cafarella

Name: Jessie Cafarella Job title:  Speech Pathologist Q: How long have you worked at Peninsula Health? A: Just over a year Q: What is your background? (ie qualification, how did you come into this role?) A: I have a Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Speech Pathology Practice. Once I graduated, I spent 18 […]

Aphasia – the Invisible Impairment

The following blog is written by Peninsula Health speech pathologist Hannah Sanderson (pictured).  At Frankston Hospital, our Speech Pathology Department helps our patients in many different ways. We provide assessment and management of patients with swallowing impairments, laryngectomies, tracheostomies and communication impairments. Communication impairments can occur for a number of reasons. Frequently, we see a […]

Faces of Peninsula Health: Q&A with Rosie Watson

Name: Rosie Watson Job title: Paediatric Speech Pathologist Q: How long have you worked at Peninsula Health? A: I have worked at Peninsula Health for three months now, however I volunteered here as a student for almost two years prior to that. Q: What is your background? A: I have a Bachelor in Health Sciences […]

The fun of finding words

Pictured: Cliff and Speech Pathologist Amanda. The following blog is written by Amanda Elston, Rosebud Hospital Speech Pathologist. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For particular focus in Speech Pathology Week is Article 19 which highlights that communication is a human right. Communication access is communication for all! […]

Faces of Peninsula Health – Meet Florin Vahgelt

Florin Vahgelt has wanted to work in oral health since she was a young girl. “I was bullied for my teeth when I was young,” recalls Florin. “Then when I got braces it instantly changed my life, so I wanted to get into something where I could change other people’s lives as well. I think […]

Getting the hang of this thing people call nursing

The following blog is written by graduate nurse Karly Theodore. Hi everyone… Here I am five months into my grad year and time has flown. For the past four months I have been on 5FN (the respiratory and renal ward) at Frankston Hospital. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities and experiences that I […]

Helping patients recover from foot ulcers, faster

The following blog is written by Lucia Michailidis, a senior podiatrist at Peninsula Health. She explains some of the research she has been conducting, which is changing the way podiatrists treat diabetic patients with foot ulcers, around the world. I’m very passionate about my job, working within a multidisciplinary team to help patients with diabetes […]

Faces of Peninsula Health: Q&A with Lee Burrell

Name:  Lee Burrell Job title: Stomal Therapy Clinical Nurse Consultant Q: How long have you worked at Peninsula Health? A: 17 enjoyable years. Q: What is your background?   A: I started my nursing career at Mildura Base Hospital in 1983 as a State Enrolled Nurse for many years. During those year I was employed […]