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Q&A with Peninsula Health Physiotherapist Tori

Meet Tori Everard, one of the physiotherapists working within the Rosebud Community Rehabilitation Program at Peninsula Health. What does a typical day look like? My days are varied, which I love because it keeps me on my toes and makes it interesting. Most days I will check for any new referrals that have come through, […]

As nurses, we need to look after ourselves so we can provide the best care to our patients

Briesha with one of her patients. Hello all! Something that’s been playing on my mind a lot lately is the judgement of others – not something that normally ever bothers me. We recently had a study day and during some of the study days the Chief Nurse comes and speaks to us. During this study […]

A better death

This blog is written by Dr Harmeen Kaur, a medical intern at Peninsula Health. I don’t have any answers for you today; all I have are questions.  Questions about what it means to die in a hospital and whether we, as medical professionals, can do anything differently.  I used to have such a romanticised notion […]

Physios there for Nea through her knee surgery journey

Physios including Scott McGill (centre) have played a key role in helping Nea prepare and recover from knee surgery. The following post is written by Scott McGill, Senior Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Quality Manager at Peninsula Health. Physiotherapists at Peninsula Health work across many settings, with patients ranging from newborn babies to the elderly, with a […]

Careers at Peninsula Health: Q&A with Allison Hocking

Name: Allison Hocking Job: Team Leader/Occupational Therapist- Stroke Detours Program at Golf Links Road. What does a typical day/shift in your role involve? Every day is different, which is why I love working in a home based rehabilitation team. I can be working with clients within their own homes to help them attain their goals […]

Research at Peninsula Health – exciting times ahead!

This blog is written by Professor of Medicine, Velandai Srikanth.  As the Professor of Medicine, it is my pleasure to be the first to contribute to the new Research Blog for Peninsula Health! It gives me a great opportunity to provide you with a glimpse into the range of exciting areas of health research in […]

Baby-Led Weaning & Introduction of Solids

The below post is by Danielle Surwald (pictured), a senior speech pathologist at Peninsula Health. As a speech pathologist working in the infant feeding clinic at Peninsula Health, I often get asked my opinion regarding Baby-Led Weaning.  Since Baby-Led Weaning gained popularity in Australia there appears have been some ongoing debate and confusion amongst the […]

Speech Pathology – a lot more than helping people “talk good”

Eloise and Sharon share an insight into their roles as speech pathologists working with adult clients, at Peninsula Health. Speech Pathology – a rather mysterious profession. Most people have a vague idea that we help people ‘talk good’ but it’s a little more complex than that! In an average day we may see: A man […]

Careers at Peninsula Health: Q&A with Sarah Billing

Name: Sarah Billing Job: Paediatric Speech Pathologist Sites that you’re based at: Hastings, Mornington What does a typical day/shift in your role involve? If you ask my clients (mostly children aged 2-6 years) what a typical day involves, they’d probably say I spend my time choosing all of the best games for us to play […]

My first code blue medical emergency

For myself and many other nurses planning out our day into a shift planner is basically our bible for the day! Sometimes it works out beautifully and everything is done on time, with nothing forgotten or delayed and other days…well, it just goes down the toilet. This is okay though, because as they say nursing […]