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Changing times

Hi there readers! In the time between blog posts, two big things have happened. The first one was graduation, which I can best describe as two hours of sitting in a crowd, with about 10 seconds of sheer terror walking across the stage thinking “don’t trip, don’t trip”. Despite that, it was a nice feeling […]

To quote the Who!

To quote the Who, we are here again! I guess it is about time to tell you about how I have found it being a fully-fledged pharmacist. As an intern, we start off gradually, with 4 beds for 2 weeks, then 8 for 2 weeks, building up until we get to the stage where we […]

An insider’s view of the Emergency Department

Hi there readers! I hope you’re all keeping well in this freezing weather. Heading to work on a 6oC morning is certainly not pleasant! As this will be my last blog post for my emergency rotation, I thought it’d be a good idea to give you an insider’s view of what a typical patient experience […]

Really BUSY and LOVING IT!

After four months, I have finally rotated to Frankston Hospital – by far the best place yet! I am currently working under the cardiorespiratory team; however, my caseload incorporates oncology, coronary care, renal, respiratory medicine, infectious diseases and a million mobility assessments. It is incredibly busy, which is why I love it. The team is […]

Graduation is here!

Beginning the day surrounded by close friends and a beautiful breakfast at the local café, I knew this was going to be a brilliant day. Jumping in the car at 11.30am I headed off to Uni via the same roads I had driven for the last four years. It made me realise what a special […]

So, what does a pharmacist do?

So what does a pharmacist do? This was a question that I probably should have had straight in my head before I entered Uni, but all that I had really seen them doing was standing behind the counter in a shop, getting stock and labelling it up, which I am sure a lot of people […]

Confessions of a Pharmacist…

Hello everybody, my name is Matt, and I have been asked to contribute to this blog for the next year or so. To be honest, I barely think that my entire life up until this point has been interesting enough to put into a blog, but who knows. Like Mike Fox, my fellow blogger I […]

Sharing the knowledge around

Hi there readers! I hope you’re keeping well as the weather keeps getting colder. Make sure you rug up, and if you’re able, get a flu shot (and maybe a lollipop to go with it). One of the most exciting things about being a new nurse in a big emergency department is that I come […]

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of my life…

A typical day in the sub-acute orthopaedic setting begins at 8.00am with our first meeting at 8.05am to discuss the day’s arrangements – new patients, staff members absent, staff cover for the hydrotherapy pool, meeting times, staff supervision sessions and professional development or in-services if applicable. 8.15am: Allied Health and Nursing staff morning handover – […]

Starting out as a Grad Nurse

Welcome back everyone! I hope you’ve had a nice couple of weeks since the first blog entry. For the Grad Nurses it has certainly been busy. All of us got together earlier this month for a study day (finishing Uni doesn’t mean we have finished learning!) and that gave us a great opportunity to catch […]