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Do you wear your pyjamas to work?

Whilst catching up with a friend over coffee, she tells me her 4 year-old daughter has something she would like to ask me. Little Abbie looked up at me shyly and proceeded to ask “Do you wear your pyjamas to work?” I hate to think what my expression looked like at that moment, but I’m […]

Evidence-based care

Hi, in case you have forgotten me after such a long break between blogs, my name is Kylie and I am a midwife at Frankston Hospital! I have had a very busy start to my year this year, mixed in with 4 weeks of annual leave, so I really have let the ball drop with […]

The highs and lows…

Hello! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter, I know I definitely made the most of it (I’ll take any good excuse to over indulge in some chocolate). I wasn’t kidding in my last blog when I said I would experience a lot of “firsts”, however what I didn’t realise is that it […]

Getting into the swing of things – Guest Blog Post from Meher

Hi there! I’m Meher, filling in for Claire this rotation while she is off at the Alfred. I’ve spent my second rotation at Frankston Hospital with the Cardiology and Respiratory teams. In many ways this second stage of our clinical years has been much better than the first! We’re used to the layout of the […]

Oh, Dr. Google

During the last month I met a lovely older lady who I had interviewed about her medications prior to coming into hospital. One of the questions that we routinely ask is if the patient smokes or drinks alcohol at home, as withdrawing from both of these can be quite nasty. We ask this because abruptly […]

First rotation, done and dusted!

Hi again, it’s been a while! I’ve finished my first five-week rotation at Frankston, covering Orthopaedics and Plastics, and thought I’d write a little about my experiences. It’s been a slow process of getting settled in and understanding the layout of the hospital. Most of this is learning what is required of us and what […]

Firsts and Questions

As a new graduate nurse there are many thoughts that ran through my mind and leading up to my first day on my own there were several sleepless nights. After a lovely 6 week holiday since completing my last clinical placement like anyone who has had time off work I started to get nervous and question […]

What on earth does a physiotherapist do in the emergency department?

Hello again! Here we go on the second instalment of my blogging adventure. My mission in today’s post – to answer the burning question “What on earth does a physiotherapist do in the emergency department?” This is the inevitable question that I know will generally follow whenever I am asked what I do for a […]

First steps into medicine

Hello hello, looks like there’s a new face to Peninsula Health blogging. I’m Claire McGannon and I’m a third year medical student who’s just finished her first week of the feared and revered clinical years. For many uni courses out there, third year seems to be the time where people really expect you to have […]

One last time…

Hi there readers! I’m writing to you for one last graduate nurse program blog, because as of two weeks ago, I’m no longer a nursing graduate. Time for a pay rise – yay! Many people throughout the year have told me “enjoy being a grad, it goes by so quickly”. And  I certainly have enjoyed […]