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Cardio Office Uncensored! Farewell Peninsula Health

The staff in the Physiotherapy office are intelligent, brilliant, hardworking clinicians, but if you listen to the banter that occurs during our breaks, you would be surprised! Some are obsessed with the iPhone game candy crush; others are an encyclopaedia of red wines; some are addicted to eating eclipse mints; some are masters in the […]

GUEST POST from Dan McMahon PSM & ANUM at Rosebud Hospital

Hi Folks. I’ve been asked to share some of my experiences and be part of the PH Group of Bloggers, to share, discuss and promote what we do. My understanding is that I’m going to be a ‘Guest Blogger’, and this is probably my first venture into this 2nd decade of the 21st Century’s, form […]

Emergencies in real-life aren’t like TV

Hi there readers! Hope you’re all enjoying the last month of winter, and looking forward to some warmer weather soon. I write to you from the end of an 18-hour shift, filled with medical emergencies, excitement and of course, lots of paperwork. It’s very uncommon that we would work a shift that long, thankfully! It’s […]

Changing times

Hi there readers! In the time between blog posts, two big things have happened. The first one was graduation, which I can best describe as two hours of sitting in a crowd, with about 10 seconds of sheer terror walking across the stage thinking “don’t trip, don’t trip”. Despite that, it was a nice feeling […]

To quote the Who!

To quote the Who, we are here again! I guess it is about time to tell you about how I have found it being a fully-fledged pharmacist. As an intern, we start off gradually, with 4 beds for 2 weeks, then 8 for 2 weeks, building up until we get to the stage where we […]

An insider’s view of the Emergency Department

Hi there readers! I hope you’re all keeping well in this freezing weather. Heading to work on a 6oC morning is certainly not pleasant! As this will be my last blog post for my emergency rotation, I thought it’d be a good idea to give you an insider’s view of what a typical patient experience […]

Really BUSY and LOVING IT!

After four months, I have finally rotated to Frankston Hospital – by far the best place yet! I am currently working under the cardiorespiratory team; however, my caseload incorporates oncology, coronary care, renal, respiratory medicine, infectious diseases and a million mobility assessments. It is incredibly busy, which is why I love it. The team is […]

Graduation is here!

Beginning the day surrounded by close friends and a beautiful breakfast at the local café, I knew this was going to be a brilliant day. Jumping in the car at 11.30am I headed off to Uni via the same roads I had driven for the last four years. It made me realise what a special […]

So, what does a pharmacist do?

So what does a pharmacist do? This was a question that I probably should have had straight in my head before I entered Uni, but all that I had really seen them doing was standing behind the counter in a shop, getting stock and labelling it up, which I am sure a lot of people […]

Confessions of a Pharmacist…

Hello everybody, my name is Matt, and I have been asked to contribute to this blog for the next year or so. To be honest, I barely think that my entire life up until this point has been interesting enough to put into a blog, but who knows. Like Mike Fox, my fellow blogger I […]