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Surgical rotation is – wow!

Hi there readers! It’s been an interesting few weeks on my new surgical rotation, and all I can say is wow – it’s very different! I come into work now and have to contend with drain tubes, big wounds, and yes, a lot of poo. But that’s enough about the glamorous side of nursing life. […]

Complementary and alternative medications

In the pharmacy department there has been the annual buzz that accompanies our interns completing their study and sitting for their exams. And I cannot help but remember back to this time last year, when I was putting the final touches on my study, and the relief that I felt afterwards. I am extremely glad […]

A visit to the Special Care Nursery

Hello again. I am writing to you in a (dare I say it) ‘quiet’ moment at work. I am currently placed in the Special Care Nursery (SCN) for a two week stint. I did a placement here last year as a third year student. As I had enjoyed my experience then, I was looking forward […]

Monday. The most hated day of the week

Monday. Most people’s most hated day of the week. It sure is for me. Not because I had to get out of bed early, or because I partied like a member of led zeppelin over the weekend, but because of the how my ward will be after a weekend of no pharmacist on the ward […]

There is more to it than you might think

Hi there readers! I hope you’re all enjoying the strange weather that Spring brings, and that people with hay fever are keeping well away from the pollen. It’s been eight months since the other graduates and I started our journey into nursing. It’s certainly flown by! But even as we finish our last few shifts […]

The makings of a Graduate Midwife

Hi, my name is Kylie Hosking and I am currently doing my grad year of midwifery. I was a mature aged student, who came to midwifery the long way around. I had always intended on a nursing profession, but life has a way of throwing curve balls that sometimes see us take a different path… […]

Cardio Office Uncensored! Farewell Peninsula Health

The staff in the Physiotherapy office are intelligent, brilliant, hardworking clinicians, but if you listen to the banter that occurs during our breaks, you would be surprised! Some are obsessed with the iPhone game candy crush; others are an encyclopaedia of red wines; some are addicted to eating eclipse mints; some are masters in the […]

GUEST POST from Dan McMahon PSM & ANUM at Rosebud Hospital

Hi Folks. I’ve been asked to share some of my experiences and be part of the PH Group of Bloggers, to share, discuss and promote what we do. My understanding is that I’m going to be a ‘Guest Blogger’, and this is probably my first venture into this 2nd decade of the 21st Century’s, form […]

Emergencies in real-life aren’t like TV

Hi there readers! Hope you’re all enjoying the last month of winter, and looking forward to some warmer weather soon. I write to you from the end of an 18-hour shift, filled with medical emergencies, excitement and of course, lots of paperwork. It’s very uncommon that we would work a shift that long, thankfully! It’s […]

Changing times

Hi there readers! In the time between blog posts, two big things have happened. The first one was graduation, which I can best describe as two hours of sitting in a crowd, with about 10 seconds of sheer terror walking across the stage thinking “don’t trip, don’t trip”. Despite that, it was a nice feeling […]