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Careers at Peninsula Health: Q&A with Sandy Taylor

Name: Sandy Taylor   Position: Enrolled Nurse Advanced Practice Sandy shares what it is like to work in the Emergency Department at Peninsula Health and also some of her best career advice.  1. Why did you decide to pursue a career in health? I started my working life as a secretary bookkeeper but I’d always […]

The final chapter of my grad year

Hola! Once again the grads have hit the road running as we commence our final rotation. It feels like we’ve only just caught our breath and all of a sudden our feathers have once again been ruffled as we embark on the final chapter of our grad year. But before elaborating too much on the […]

Delivering Twins

Two semesters down, only one to go! The nerves are definitely increasing as I creep closer to finishing my Postgraduate Diploma of Midwifery, yet the ever exciting experiences I continue to have on my placement days makes me so eager to finish the course and see where my nursing and midwifery career takes me. 🙂 […]

An insight into Oncology nursing

Emma on ward 5FS. I’m sure this is a thought every grad is experiencing right now, but I honestly can’t believe I am already well and truly into my eighth month of my grad year! My days of “sorry I’m a grad” are slipping away right before my eyes and before I know it I’ll […]

Hello from the other side!

Emma with student nurse Delwyn. Last time I wrote to you from Port Phillip as an Orthopaedic nurse in the new building of Frankston Hospital. But today I write to you from 5FS as a novice oncology/haematology/endocrinology/ACE nurse in the original hospital (hence my *hilarious* Adele reference). It has been busy adjusting to life here […]

Graduate Diploma of Midwifery

What a rollercoaster of a year it has been! Juggling postnatal shifts on the Women’s Health Unit (WHU), self-organised placements, as well as completing Continuity of Care experiences with 10 women. After completing my graduate nursing year, I was accepted into the Graduate Diploma of Midwifery with Peninsula Health. I have always wanted to hold […]

Reflecting on last four months spent as an Orthopaedic nurse

Hey there! As I finish up my last few shifts on Port Phillip I thought I’d better write again before moving on to my next rotation. This time I promise to include something a little more clinical than my last posts. On reflection of these last four months spent as an Orthopaedic nurse, I have […]

Busyness and mindfulness

Hello Again! It’s been a busy few weeks on the ward since my last blog. But then again, when isn’t the ward busy? I know many of you probably want to hear about the clinical side of my grad year, but I know there will be plenty more of that in coming months. So I’ve […]

Becoming a ‘proper nurse’ and loving it

Hello there! My name is Emma Ward, one of Peninsula Health’s newest Graduate Nurses. Being able to finally call myself a Registered Nurse is a little surreal for me as my nursing dream began 15 years ago when I was just 8 years old! My passion for nursing has come in leaps and bounds since […]

The secret life of sub-acute nursing

What do we do in sub-acute nursing? How does it differ from acute? Hi all, hope you have been well. Please excuse my absence – life has been crazy. I’m currently working a few night duties on my ward and am gaining a different view of my patients ‘after hours.’ Sub-acute night duty is easily […]