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Deadlines are hard

During uni, this is how an assignment works: A few weeks where you kind of research a topic, a few days where you write it up, and then a quick final check before you submit it. There was even a case of a friend I studied with, who shall remain anonymous, who started a 3000 […]

Healthcare Isn’t Like Cooking

So, you’ve broken your leg. Now what? How on earth do we know what to do about it? The aim for each and every patient is to provide them with the treatment that will give them the best possible outcome. Unfortunately, health care isn’t like cooking; there is no set recipe you can follow. Taking […]

The great discussion of baby feeding

Since this week was world breastfeeding week, I thought it was a great time to discuss the age old topic of baby feeding. But this message isn’t about the pros and cons of breast vs bottle. Rather, I want to look at breastfeeding in a more personal way. I am going to start by stepping […]

Taking on the challenge

So, I survived my transition down to intensive care…..just!! After having been forced out of my comfort zone in so many ways! Firstly, I will point out that ICU differs from the wards in just about every single way possible. There is no big handover of all 30 patients, in intensive care handover is an […]

Finding the balance: ward time vs study

Finally, I’m back! Actually, I’m on holidays, so forgive me if I seem a little distant – I’m letting my mind wander from the hospital world to… a different hospital world. I’m working at another Melbourne hospital for these three weeks, so really, I never escape. When I got back from The Alfred, things were […]

Switching up roles…

So since my last blog things have been pretty busy. I had an exciting 2 weeks off work where I had my tonsils out (which for anyone who has ever had to experience the excruciatingly painful recovery associated with a tonsillectomy will completely sympathise with me). It was actually a weird and daunting experience and […]

Not “just a normal day”

Hi, back to a bit more chit-chat about the comings and goings of being a midwife in the busy Frankston maternity unit!  Today I’d like to discuss how privileged our ‘job’ is, and how lucky we are to be a part of this period of people’s lives. It’s funny, when I was growing up I […]

Do you wear your pyjamas to work?

Whilst catching up with a friend over coffee, she tells me her 4 year-old daughter has something she would like to ask me. Little Abbie looked up at me shyly and proceeded to ask “Do you wear your pyjamas to work?” I hate to think what my expression looked like at that moment, but I’m […]

Evidence-based care

Hi, in case you have forgotten me after such a long break between blogs, my name is Kylie and I am a midwife at Frankston Hospital! I have had a very busy start to my year this year, mixed in with 4 weeks of annual leave, so I really have let the ball drop with […]

The highs and lows…

Hello! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter, I know I definitely made the most of it (I’ll take any good excuse to over indulge in some chocolate). I wasn’t kidding in my last blog when I said I would experience a lot of “firsts”, however what I didn’t realise is that it […]