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Transitioning from Student to Graduate Nurse

Hi there! I’ve recently been asked by many nursing students what it has been like transitioning from a nursing student to graduate nurse. Well let me tell you the story from the beginning, starting from the application process. It definitely felt like a draining and time-consuming process. Writing up my CV and many cover letters, […]

Pain, pain, go away – don’t come again another day

Hi there! I cannot believe that I have already completed my first rotation in the Bass Ward and have transitioned smoothly into 4GN. All the staff in 4GN have been very friendly and supportive to us new graduate nurses. To all the staff I worked with in the Bass Ward, thank you for your guidance, […]

International Nurses Day

Hello there! I cannot believe that after years of study, I have now officially entered the workforce hitting the ground running… literally! My name is Bernadette Pulis and I have started my nursing career as a graduate at Peninsula Health. Only just into my forth month of the program, (I cannot believe how quickly that […]

International Day of the Midwife

Well, it has been positively months since I have blogged – and I hope this hasn’t been too much of an inconvenience to anyone!! So much has happened over the last little while, but I won’t even try to capture it all here today. Today what I am going to discuss is my colleagues, what […]

Stop the clot!!

How would you feel knowing that if you were unwell and became hospitalised, you may be at risk of dying from an illness that kills 40 times more people in Australia than HIV/AIDS? Those that survive are left with with long term complications such as discolouration and scarring of the skin. This illness costs the […]

The Bigger Journey Begins…

Hello everybody! Well, it is official I am no longer a grad… which means no more playing the “grad card” (and trust me for any new grads reading this blog, you will play the grad card at some point this year). Fortunately I finished off my grad year with a big bang and was the […]

Talk to Your Family!

Hello there everyone, I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. I may have spent my Christmas and New Year at work, but I was fortunate enough to share some good food and lot of laughs with a great bunch of staff, and managed to share some festive joy with […]

Tricks of the Trade

As much as I really enjoy the detective work of my job – the challenge of putting all the pieces together to come up with the diagnosis – by far my favourite part is getting in and getting my hands dirty; treating my patients and their ailments. Artistic flair is definitely not something that was […]

Look how far we’ve come, baby!

I often wonder what people want to read about in these blogs, and have put it ‘out there’ for anyone who may have suggestions. So, thanks to a lovely colleague (you know who you are!) I bring you today’s trip down memory lane. One of the things that inevitably comes up in many discussions when […]

Insight into Frankston’s Critical Care Liaison Nurse Service

Everyone has that someone who they look up to or perhaps admire in the workplace. For me there is no particular individual but rather a group of individuals that I aspire to be like one day. They often arrive like angels in times of need; only they’re not in white with halos on top of […]