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  • Idy Chukwu - Peninsula Health Medical Intern

    Meet medical intern Dr Idy Chuku

    Dr Idinakachukwu ‘Idy’ Chukwu re-joins Peninsula Health as a Medical Intern this year to complete the final step of her studies before becoming a fully qualified doctor.  She begins her internship in our Emergency Department where she will shadow our doctors as they provide care to patients entering the health service through emergency. 

    Learn more about Dr Chukwu and what she hopes to achieve from her medical internship below.  

    Q: Can you tell us a bit about your background?   A: I’m from Canada but was originally born in Nigeria. A vast majority of my education has been in Canada, and I moved to Australia after my bachelor’s degree to study medicine.     

    Q: What excites you most about completing your medical internship at Peninsula Health?   

    A: ...

  • Faces of Peninsula Health – Q&A with Kate Bendall

    As the manager of our Mental Health Consultation service, and the Emergency Department’s Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Hub, Kate Bendall is committed to providing outstanding Mental Health and AOD services to Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula community.

    Q: What do you do in your day to day role?

    A: My role varies every day. My focus is always on ensuring we are able to provide the best care, and supporting staff who do an amazing job every day.   This may involve staff support, rostering, ensuring people get paid correctly, investigating incidents, updating policies and procedures, liaison with other areas of the service, meetings, brainstorming new ideas, and always striving to improve. 

    Q: What is the Emergency Department (ED) Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Hub, and what service does ...

  • Faces of Peninsula Health – Q&A with Jade Barton 

    Recruitment Coordinator Jade Barton's role allows her to find and offer opportunities to those looking to work at Peninsula Health.

    With more than 20 years of experience as a nurse, Jade Barton made the decision to move into recruitment to follow her passion for welcoming the next generation of nurses and medical staff to Peninsula Health. We spoke with Jade about her crucial role and why she recommends people should consider Peninsula Health as their employer.  

    Q: What does a typical day in your role involve? 

    A: Recruitment is a busy and varied role, and my role can change day to day. One moment, I can be talking to the team, helping them make a decision, and the other I am interviewing applicants, offering jobs, writing contracts, or helping someone get started at Peninsula Health.  There is a ...

  • Peninsula Health successfully meets the ‘Healthy Choices: Policy Directive’

    This blog was written by Andie Murphy, an IUHPE – Registered Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

    Peninsula Health implemented the Victorian Government ‘Healthy Choices: Policy Directive’, to ensure our staff, visitors and volunteers have access to healthier drink options in all cafes, kiosks and vending machines.

    Working alongside the Healthy Eating Advisory Services (HEAS), we collaborated with our in-house and contracted food retailers across all sites. Over a six month period Peninsula Health’s eight cafes/kiosks and 18 vending machines were transformed to successfully meet the ‘Healthy Choices: Policy Directive’ for drinks in all food outlets in 2022.

    As we reflect on this process, some of the highlights have been:

    We were able to keep a large variety of drinks within the fridges such as juice, dairy-based drinks, sugar-free soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks and ...

  • Walk to school to improve mental health

    This blog was written by Kristen Young from the Peninsula Health, Health Promotion Team.

    The VicHealth Walk to School campaign begins this October and is a wonderful way for parents to help their kids get active and feeling great at the start of the day.

    Kids tell us they want to walk, scoot or bike ride to school, especially with their friends. Getting active by walking to school supports kids mood, self-esteem and wellbeing,[1] with those who walk to school more likely to be attentive and focused in the classroom. Walking to school also increases confidence, skills and helps kids feel connected to family, friends and neighbours.[2]

    Walking to school can be a challenge for some families, so this October the Health Promotion team wants you to reduce the pressure and do whatever is realistic! This could include:

    • Parking a little ...
    • Creative Kids Early Learning Centre focuses on healthy eating for children, staff and families

      This blog was written by Peninsula Health, Health Promotion Practitioner Madeline Tatham.

      Congratulations to the Creative Kids Early Learning Centre in Mornington who have put in an amazing effort to help create a healthier environment for their children, staff and families.

      With a recent focus on promoting healthy eating, working hard to enhance their menu and educate their community, the service has now attained Achievement Program recognition for Healthy Eating and Oral Health.

      Creative Kids Early Learning began their journey to become a health promoting early childhood service back in September 2019, when they registered with the Achievement Program – a Victorian best practice framework that supports early childhood services, schools and workplaces to become healthy places. This framework, which reaches over 1,000 Victorian workplaces, 700 schools and 1,300 early childhood services, is supported by the Health Promotion Team at Peninsula Health.

      The Centre Director ...

    • Peninsula Health is increasing healthy food and drink options to support your wellbeing

      This blog was written by Andie Murphy, an IUHPE – Registered Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

      We know that when we increase the availability of healthy food and drink options it supports our overall wellbeing. 

      What is the Healthy Choices Policy Directive? 

      Peninsula Health has been working with Healthy Eating Advisory Service (HEAS) to support The Victorian Department of Health's 'Healthy Choices Policy Directive', which directs all public hospitals and health services to ensure that healthier food and drinks are sold, provided and promoted at their facilities. For further information: Healthy Choices Policy Directive

      As a large healthcare organisation, Peninsula Health believes it is has an important leadership role in providing our people with ...

    • Student leadership shines at Overport Primary School

      Student Health Ambassadors work hard to promote sun protection at Overport Primary. Photo: Supplied.

      This blog is written by Kristen Young, Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

      Overport Primary, located in Frankston South, celebrated 20 years of being a sun smart school this year. Student leaders were invited to contribute their bright ideas to update the schools sun smart policy and then promote key health messages amongst their student peers. “I feel really proud to be a Student Health Ambassador and I had fun planning our school wide sun protection celebration” said Louis, Overport Primary student.

      As an added bonus, the school was awarded Sun Protection recognition through the Achievement Program, a reward for the schools hard work in the health and wellbeing space.

      “Despite the challenges of remote learning in the ...

    • The link between climate change and our health – action today for a healthier tomorrow

      [caption id="attachment_36567" align="alignnone" width="576"] Image: Climate Cartoon from www.commoncause.com.au[/caption]

      This blog was written by Chris Kirkpatrick, Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health

      Have you thought about how our health and the health of our family is connected to climate change? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Most Victorians haven’t thought about this. In this blog we will focus on the link between our health and climate change and how by healthy eating we can not only improve our health but also the health of the planet.

      What is climate change?

      Climate change is caused by increases in the amount of gases in the air, which make the earth’s temperature rise.  These gases come from fossil fuels and are called greenhouse gases and are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.  The consequences of climate change are higher than average temperatures and overall less rainfall.  It is because ...

    • Peninsula Health welcomes 136 nursing graduates

      This month we welcomed 104 nursing, 14 midwifery and 18 mental health graduates across our all of our sites. Our staff have embraced the influx of new graduates to our health service, to help meet our current workforce challenges. Our nursing graduates are being supported in their transition to independent practice by a team of clinical support nurses and midwives, alongside dedicated clinical educators. Some of our graduates are already familiar with Peninsula Health, having worked with us as a Registered Undergraduate Student of Nursing (RUSON), Registered Undergraduate Student of Midwifery (RUSOM) or Pre-Qualified Registered Nurse (PQRN), or through undertaking clinical placements. Many chose to commence their nursing career with Peninsula Health because of the positive experiences they had as students with us. Thank you to all our staff who have provided a welcoming environment for our nursing graduates!