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Insights and tips from our Allied Health team, which includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, social work, psychology, nutrition and dietetics and podiatry. 

How physios help people recover from stroke

Physiotherapist Evelyn with Toni, who is recovering from a stroke. The following blog was written by David McKenzie, Physiotherapist, Frankston Community Rehabilitation Program, Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Centre.   Recovering from a stroke can be an immense challenge.  From complete independence: going to work; running a household; gardening; travelling, playing sport; driving a car, to […]

Aphasia – the Invisible Impairment

The following blog is written by Peninsula Health speech pathologist Hannah Sanderson (pictured).  At Frankston Hospital, our Speech Pathology Department helps our patients in many different ways. We provide assessment and management of patients with swallowing impairments, laryngectomies, tracheostomies and communication impairments. Communication impairments can occur for a number of reasons. Frequently, we see a […]

The fun of finding words

Pictured: Cliff and Speech Pathologist Amanda. The following blog is written by Amanda Elston, Rosebud Hospital Speech Pathologist. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For particular focus in Speech Pathology Week is Article 19 which highlights that communication is a human right. Communication access is communication for all! […]

Helping patients recover from foot ulcers, faster

The following blog is written by Lucia Michailidis, a senior podiatrist at Peninsula Health. She explains some of the research she has been conducting, which is changing the way podiatrists treat diabetic patients with foot ulcers, around the world. I’m very passionate about my job, working within a multidisciplinary team to help patients with diabetes […]

What does a physio do in the Intensive Care Unit?

The following blog is written by Michael Wang. Hi, my name is Michael. I am the Senior Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Physiotherapist at Frankston Hospital, Peninsula Health. What can a physiotherapist do in Intensive Care you might ask? Every now and then I get the same question from my patients – the ones that are […]

Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

The below blog is written by Lavanya Sundararajan, Team Leader, Peninsula Health Falls Prevention Service. The April Falls Week special presentation on “Eating for health and longevity with Mediterranean Diet” by Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos, Head of School of Allied Health and Professor of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, Latrobe University was attended by staff from many […]

Community dietitian helps Isabel reduce her blood sugar levels and achieve her goals

The following blog is written by Peninsula Health dietitian Thea Moloney.   The Community Rehabilitation Program is a multidisciplinary service which helps people manage or recover from illness, injury or surgery. It is a short term program that helps people to achieve their individual goals. Isabel* was initially referred into our program due to carpel […]

Helping kids to enjoy food

Dietitians can provide expert advice to help people form healthy relationships with food and enjoy eating, according to Dietitian Karman Liu. Karman is a Paediatric Dietitian at Peninsula Health. In the below blog post, she explains how she worked with a young client to expand her diet and make mealtimes a more positive experience. Amy*, […]

Sue avoids surgery with dietetic support

Left: Zhoe Wharrington and right a diagram showing how a feeding tube works.  The following blog is written by Zhoe Wharrington, a clinical dietitian at Peninsula Health.   The role of clinical dietitians isn’t well known in the wider community. We work closely with the doctors to determine the best way to meet our patients’ […]

How psychologists can help people at different points in their life

Dr Sunaina Seth is a Psychologist in the Aged Persons Mental Health team and Dr Priscilla Yardley is Head of Psychology at Peninsula Health. The following blog is written by Peninsula Health psychologists. No, we can’t read your mind but we do work with the mind. What does a Peninsula Health psychologist do? Psychologists at […]