Preparing for employment

We are proud to deliver high quality, safe and person-centred care by skilled, experienced staff who meet our high standards of employment.

When applying to join our team, please review the information below to find out more about our quality employment standards.

Australian Work Rights 

All Peninsula Health employees must have current work rights to work in Australia. Candidates will be required to provide identification and may be required to undergo a work rights check via the Visa Entitlement Verification Online system through the Department of Home Affairs.

For more information please visit the Department of Home Affairs website.


All registered medical, nursing and health professionals are regularly monitored to ensure currency of professional registration and qualifications. Candidates must provide evidence of qualifications and AHPRA registration (where required) upon application for employment.

Where a specific qualification is an essential requirement of employment, candidates must produce the original qualification to be sighted or a certified copy of the qualification. (A transcript of university/college results cannot be accepted as evidence of the qualification).

For more information on AHPRA registration please visit the AGPRA website.


Department of Health Guidelines for Immunisation of Health Care Workers require all staff to demonstrate immunity to specific preventable diseases.

To protect the health and safety of the Peninsula Health community, all staff must be immunised in accordance with the requirements of the category for their position.

The nature of the role being undertaken will determine which immunisation category (A, B, C) applies and the immunisations the individual requires. As part of the recruitment process, preferred candidates who are shortlisted for roles are required to provide evidence of immunisation (and/or serology) to confirm they are protected from risk.

For more information on health care worker immunisation please visit the Department of Health website.

Pre-employment and ongoing mandatory compliance checks

Peninsula Health reinforces a positive and accountable workforce culture that must be trusted to care for our community. To achieve this there are a number of checks that may be required prior to your commencement and during the course of your employment. This is in line with requirements of the following legislations:

  • Aged Care Act 1997
  • Disability Act 2006
  • Working with Children Act 2005

Please see below for further information on each check.

Criminal History Checks and Statutory Declarations 

All candidates considered for roles are required to undergo a pre-employment criminal history check as part of the recruitment screening process. Peninsula Health covers the cost of these checks, which are administered online.

A number of staff who care for elderly patients are required to undergo a police check every three (3) years in accordance with the Aged Care Act 1997. Candidates who wish to work in roles caring for elderly and vulnerable community members must also complete a statutory declaration to confirm they have no criminal convictions.

For more information regarding Aged Care Police Check requirements please visit Department of Health and Aged Care.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme (DWES) Check

The Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme (DWES) is a Victorian Government initiative designed to further protect the safety and wellbeing of Victorians with disability who access disability services.

The Scheme is an employment screening check (conducted on an annual basis) designed to protect the safety and wellbeing of Victorians living with disability. The Scheme operates by:

  • Excluding Disability Workers (see definition below) who poses a threat to the health, safety or welfare of people with disability, and;
  • Providing a pre-employment checking process (and thereafter annually) for disability service providers to check if any prospective workers have been excluded. Service providers are prohibited from engaging a worker that is excluded or a worker under investigation by another service provider.

For more information regarding the DWES Check requirements please visit Disablity Worker Exclusion Scheme.

Working with Children Checks

Some staff in our organisation perform child-related work and must hold a current Working with Children Check. Candidates who apply for roles in relevant child-related work areas will be advised that they must provide a current Working with Children Check as part of the recruitment process.

Staff and candidates must apply online for their own Working with Children Check at their own cost.

Working with Children Checks remain current for five (5) years and a single employee permit can be used for multiple employers.

More information on Working with Children Checks.

Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace 

Peninsula Health is an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace.

This means we have made a commitment to support employees who wish to combine breastfeeding and work.

Breastfeeding and expressing facilities are available at every Peninsula Health workplace.