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Living on the Peninsula

The City of Frankston, Peninsula Health’s home base, is an outer southern suburb of Melbourne. It is situated in the Mornington Peninsula, on Port Phillip Bay. Frankston is 42 kilometres or a comfortable one-hour drive to the Melbourne CBD. It is a major regional hub and services a district population exceeding 300,000. The city received a Bronze Award at the finals of the world’s only international scheme for liveable communities in 2004.

Further along the Peninsula, Rosebud is 35 kilometres from Frankston. This area illustrates the beauty of Mornington Peninsula with scenic water views, wineries, national parks and surf beaches. The Mt Eliza and Golf Links Road campuses are located between these two primary Hospitals.

The Mornington Peninsula is well serviced by public transport, educational, sporting, recreational/leisure, and cultural, commercial and retail facilities. All major State and Commonwealth Government as well as local council facilities are available.

Peninsula Living


The Mornington Peninsula offers affordable living. Housing is well priced, both for rental and purchase. There are a large number of real estate agents in the area dealing both in rental and property sales.

Frankston has one of Victoria’s largest regional shopping and service centres. Retail outlets range from large department stores to boutiques, as well as a full range of commercial services. Markets and specialty stores of the Mornington Peninsula showcase local produce as well as arts and crafts.


Australia’s major public health care funding system is called Medicare. It provides Australian residents with access to a comprehensive health system. Some residents elect to have additional cover through private health insurance.

For visitors who may not be eligible for Medicare, the private health care sector provides a high quality service. Health care costs in Australia are comparable to costs in other developed countries. Anyone who may need to, or intends to, receive medical treatment during his or her stay in Australia, should have adequate private health insurance.

The Australian Government has signed reciprocal Health Care Agreements with the government of the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Malta and Italy which entitles limited subsidised health services for immediate necessary treatment while visiting Australia. Each reciprocal agreement is different from the others, varying in both benefits and eligibility. For this reason it is recommended that all visitors to Australia acquire appropriate health or travel insurance.


The Australian education system is divided broadly into five areas:

  • Preschool
  • Primary School
  • Secondary/High School/Secondary Colleges
  • Career and Vocational Training
  • University or other tertiary institutions

Schools encourage parent involvement and wish to help newcomers. Most schools have parent and teacher associations that play part in school life, raising funds for many school needs but also helping to decide what is taught and done at the school.

Schooling in compulsory for students in most state and territories until the age of 15.

You can choose to have your children educated in public (State government) or private (independent) schools throughout the country. Education at public schools is free in most states, although most schools do have a small voluntary annual fee to cover extra activities. Parents may also have to purchase such items as books and uniforms and pay for outings, camps etc. Most public schools are coeducational. Private or independent schools have their own fee structure and receive a subsidy form both Federal and State governments.


The Mornington Peninsula offers a wide range of educational opportunities and is another attraction why families choose the Mornington Peninsula to live. There are over 50 primary and secondary public/private schools to choose from. As an example Frankston High school that is located with in walking distance from the hospital has been awarded one of the top secondary schools in the state of Victoria. A list of the schools located in the Mornington Peninsula can be obtained on request.

Peninsula Living


As well as our beautiful beaches and parks, our organised sports and leisure activities are second to none. The area attracts visitors from all over Australia. A short day trip in winter can have you skiing down a snow-covered slope. In summer the beach could be meters from your back door.

Listed are some of the sporting and leisure activities available:

  • Aquatic Activities, football, netball
  • Athletics, golf, rugby
  • Badminton, sailing, girl guides and scouts
  • Basketball, gymnastics, soccer
  • Calisthenics, hiking, softball
  • Camping, hockey, squash
  • Cricket, horse riding, table tennis
  • Dancing, martial arts, tennis
  • Diving, music


The majority of residents on the Mornington Peninsula own a car.

Getting to, from and around the Mornington Peninsula is made easy with access to extensive public transport services. Buses, taxi’s and trains make travel affordable and accessible to everyone. Bus routes access all campuses. Frankston train station is located 10 minutes walk from the Frankston Campus.