Advanced Physician Training

There are opportunities for physicians to complete their Advanced Training in General and Acute Care Medicine, as well as a range of subspecialties, including Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Endocriniology, Respiratory, Nephrology, Oncology, Neurology, Haematology, Infectious Diseases and Geriatric Medicine.

General and Acute Care Medicine

There are eight Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) fully accredited positions at Peninsula Health.

Peninsula Health is a major metropolitan health service, servicing the entire picturesque Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region. Peninsula Health has produced many high-quality world-renowned specialists who continue to work at our health service.

The Department of Medicine at Peninsula Health has undergone major changes in recent years. These changes include staffing structure and levels, education and teaching and accreditation of subspecialty terms. We now offer highly sought-after subspecialty rotations which enables trainees to develop into excellent clinicians.

General Medicine at Peninsula Health is structured geographically with each unit localised to a specific ward. There are six General Medicine teams. These wards are shared with another subspecialty unit. In addition to these, there is a separate General Medicine ward located at the Rosebud Hospital. The Advanced Trainees in General Medicine are provided with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

The department is staffed with a large proportion of full-time physicians with a variety of subspecialty expertise. We have a strong focus on research, led by the dedicated Academic and Research Unit. The Advanced Trainees will be supported with their research projects through monthly Internal Medicine Research Group meetings.

We have developed a very strong teaching programme for the advanced trainee. This include but not limited to fortnightly advanced trainee specific teaching, weekly general medicine meeting, Journal club, weekly case based discussions and grand rounds. These occur in addition to the state-wide teaching arrangements.

Rotation opportunities for Advanced Physician Trainees

General Medicine – six months Core general medicine

  • Minimum of three consultant supervised ward rounds
  • Multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Teaching and coordinating teaching sessions for the junior medical staff
  • Weekly outpatients clinic
  • Opportunities to undertake research activities and quality assurance activities
  • Taking part in Journal Club meetings, Grand Rounds and case based discussions

General medicine E – (Acute/Group A)

  • Daily consultant supervised ward rounds
  • Management of patient admitted for cardiac monitoring
  • Admission and management of patients to the ICU under general medicine
  • Management of critically ill patients under General medicine in the emergency department.

Intensive care medicine – six months (Acute/Group A)

  • Daily consultant supervised ward rounds
  • Attend medical emergencies
  • Evaluation and management of critically ill patients
  • Experience in the management of ventilators and advanced airway management

Cardiology – six months (Acute/Group A)

  • Daily consultant ward rounds in the CCU
  • Opportunity to attend Chest Pain Clinic, Rapid Review Clinic and the Heart Failure Clinic
  • Attend the Cardiac Conference and Morbidity and Mortality meetings
  • Experience in Echocardiograms including TOEs, Stress Echo and CTCA reporting

Perioperative Medicine along with the senior medical registrar role – six months

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of patients undergoing surgery
  • Includes a minimum of three consultant supervised ward rounds
  • Administrative duties

Endocrinology – six months

  • Twice weekly consultant supervised ward rounds
  • Provide a consultative service under the guidance of the consultant
  • Opportunity to attend the Diabetes Clinic, General Endocrine Clinic, Gestational Diabetes Clinic and the monthly Young Adult Diabetes Clinic
  • Attend the Endocrine Unit meeting
  • Provide consultative service to the subacute sites

Gastroenterology – six months

  • Minimum of two consultant supervised ward rounds
  • Attend Gastroenterology and PEG clinics
  • Provide consultative service to inpatients
  • Attend Colorectal MDT meetings, Upper GI, Radiology and Pathology meetings

Oncology- six months

  • Minimum of twice weekly consultant supervised ward rounds
  • Attend Colorectal, Breast, Gynae/onc, Skin, Upper GI, and Lung multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Palliative care consultation ward round weekly
  • Weekly oncology out-patient clinic
  • Attend the oncology research meeting

When allocating rotations, the RACP requirements, as well as personal requirements, will be considered. There will be ample opportunities to take up undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. The desire to participate in speciality clinics and their research projects will be taken into consideration.

The overall responsibility for the quality of training and supervision of the General Medicine Advanced Trainees is directly undertaken by the Head of General Medicine, Dr Elisabeth Nye. In addition, the Advanced Trainees work closely with the full-time consultant staff, and the dedicated Visiting Medical Officers, so that there is ample opportunity for informal and formal feedback. There are also strong support systems in place to help any Trainees who may be experiencing hardship.

The Peninsula Health Advanced Physician Training program aims to mould Trainees into highly desirable clinicians with excellent knowledge, leadership and research skills.

Further information

For more information about General and Acute Care Medicine please contact: 

Dr Elisabeth Nye
Head of General Medicine
Phone: (03) 9784 7250

Dr Navin Amarasinghe