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Cancer Appeal

New world of cancer care on the Peninsula

Help to bring a new world of Cancer care to the Peninsula

Peninsula Health provides vital cancer services right across the Mornington Peninsula, delivering over 8,000 chemotherapy treatments each year through the Oncology Day Treatment Centre. Plus, a further 4,000 treatments at our two outpatient clinics at Frankston Hospital and Rosebud Hospital.

Most people, will have experienced the impact of seeing a loved one dealing with the devastating effects of cancer.

That’s because, 1 in 4 people on the Mornington Peninsula will be touched by cancer.

The chances are, it will be someone you know or love.

Cancer patients like Margaret, who says, ‘I was on holiday when all of a sudden I had pains on the right hand side of my stomach. Thinking it was my appendix, I’d better go to the hospital.’

Luckily for Margaret, her doctor took her complaint seriously. After multiple tests and scans, her doctor gave her the devastating news – cancer.

“I immediately thought, I can handle this. Then, the enormity of the situation hit me – I have cancer!”

“I went through every emotion imaginable – from shock, to fear, to anger and despair. Why was this happening to me? Am I going to be ok? Am I going to die?”

“Not once did I think to myself, ‘will I be able to get the treatment I need close to home?’. But that’s exactly what came next. My doctor told me I would have to travel to the city to get the treatment I needed”.

Many of the 1,500 people diagnosed with cancer each year on the Mornington Peninsula, have to travel long distances to receive the vital treatment they need to fight cancer.

Being able to access local Cancer services is vitally important when you’re fighting cancer.

No one wants to spend hours in the car driving to appointments, needing to take time off work, worrying about whether you are going to survive. 

Our Chief Oncologist, Dr Zee Wan Wong, told me with cancer, the most important thing is to provide fast diagnosis, and then fast treatment so the patient has the best chance.

“We want to be able to give everyone the same great care locally, but at the moment some people in our community have to travel to the city for diagnosis and treatment, because we don’t have all of the specialties that our local people need.”

“That’s why it’s so important for us to expand our cancer service at Peninsula Health, so we can give more patients access to specialist oncology services, the latest treatments and clinical trials.”

“And most importantly, we need to be able to provide our patients with the services and treatment they need without having to travel to the city.”

We need the support of our Family of Supporters, to help more patients like Margaret get the care they need to fight cancer, close to home?

‘I was so pleased when they said I could continue to receive treatment at Frankston Hospital. I live in Rosebud and it’s been absolutely fantastic, being able to get the treatment I need locally.

Because of the fast diagnosis and treatment, all available close to home, Margaret is now doing well.

The chemotherapy and surgery have worked so well that Margaret recently received some very good news from her oncologist with Margaret telling me, ‘I had a CT scan a couple of weeks ago and the shadows on my liver are still there but they’re empty shells, so the cancer is gone. The spots on my lung were fairly insignificant and they’re gone as well.’

‘I am so grateful to all the staff for the care I have received. Everyone has been so nice. It has all been really good, and it was great news to receive.’

But, Margaret is one of the lucky ones.

Sadly, not everyone is diagnosed early enough to get the chance to fight cancer. 

There are many more patients like Margaret, wanting to receive cancer treatment close to home. How wonderful would it be if we could increase the number of good stories?

Community support is vital to help expand and innovate the Oncology service at Frankston and Rosebud Hospitals.

The support we receive will help to ensure many more Cancer patients can have access to fast diagnosis, fast treatment and the care and support they need close to home.

Please support our Cancer Appeal by making a gift today.  Together, we can help expand and innovate the Cancer Services at Frankston and Rosebud Hospitals.

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